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  1. There are so many different areas of nursing, your friend might be perfect for one and you wouldn't know. You don't tell her she's not cut out for nursing, because you haven't the slightest idea if she is or not. It's not your place anyway.

  2. I think if you take time off, you probably won't go back. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. If nursing isn't for you, then leave it. Find something else that will make you happy! With that being said, it would probably be a better idea to just finish the program and then decide if it's what you want to do. You have already made it this far, it's not a long program, just finish! There are so manybarea's of nursing that you can get into, you might find one that you like.

  3. I wouldn't worry about it. I had an experienced nurse try to draw blood from me after I had my daughter and she blew my vein and bruised up both my hands trying to get a good stick! You just need more practice, which will happen after school when you get a job.

  4. Sustained interest

    Initiative (not to be mistaken for inappropriate independence)

    Pleasant attitude

    Lack of moseying

    ~Good luck!

    What would be considered inappropriate independence? For example, if I had answered call lights with permission and then all the nurses on the floor were busy with their patients and I answer a call light on my own accord, is that ok? I worry about over stepping boundaries as a student nurse sometimes.

  5. Hello all! I am in my first semester of an ADN program and I'm feeling so overwhelmed. I didn't know mental breakdowns could occur this soon in nursing school. :nailbiting: Well anyway, I was thinking about applying to the radiology program at my school again (I was accepted early this year but declined and went with nursing) and I'm just torn on what to do! I don't know if they will even accept me again because then it would affect their graduation numbers for the nursing program. How do I overcome this feeling of being defeated by school? Any advice or words of encouragement is welcome!

  6. Hi Everyone!

    I applied for the Fall session as well, I'm not super hopeful as I have two B's and a C in the science courses (89.5 HESI). But I figured the work was done and worst case scenario they don't take me and I retake A&P2 like I had already planned. Does anyone happen to know how many applied?


    The last I read on this board was 290.

  7. I'm taking history and gov online this semester. Thinking of signing up for the second of both of those for the summer.

    How is history online? I'm also taking history but I'm going to class and it's so interesting! We don't use a book at all and just take notes from lecture. I don't have to know dates, don't have to write papers and the final is not comprehensive, so I'm happy! Is govt pretty easy? I signed up for both govt classes over summer.

  8. I have already completed all my undergraduate core courses and I based that off of UTA as well just because I was originally going to apply with them. I also took their lower division NURS class requirement which was introduction to nursing and one nurse elective which was Medical Terminology. I really am just basically waiting to actually get accepted into a program to do my Nursing requirements to become an RN. Then once that is done I plan on transitioning to the RN to BSN program within 8 weeks of graduating which should allow enough time to do my NCLEX. TCC and I think most of the ASN/ADN program within DFW I'm sure have the concurrent program with UTA. I think you sign a letter of intent and then you are guaranteed admission into the RN to BSN program pending the passing of your NCLEX-RN.

    I got this off Brookhaven's website if you are interested in looking into it


    That's great that you've already completed your core classes! Thanks for posting this link!

  9. Do you have a link to what classes are required for the BSN?

    No I went to UTA's RN to BSN program website and have been basing my classes off of that. I think most programs you will need basic classes like History, English II, Govt, Math. Things like that. I will do UTA after I graduate because they don't require chemistry for their BSN if you are already an RN.

  10. Hello Everyone!! My name is Ashley. I was reading through some of you guys scores and oh my gosh y'all have good grades! Makes me kinda nervous! Anywho, my grades are:

    A&P I - B

    A&P II - A

    Micro - A

    Hesi - 91.5

    I have also applied to Radiology and Respiratory as my back up options and received an email today saying I was a top candidate for Radiology and to attend a mandatory meeting next Thursday. Did anyone else apply to other programs? Hopefully we all get in to nursing!