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  1. Blawson94

    EFSC Spring 2019

    I just got a call and I was accepted!! Can't wait to meet you all in person and share this journey with you
  2. Blawson94

    EFSC Spring 2019

    Well congratulations!! Your persistence has really paid off, I'm so happy for you! I guess I shouldn't really complain considering it was my first time applying lol. Fingers crossed that we will be in classes together!
  3. Blawson94

    EFSC Spring 2019

    I got a rejection letter but I met with the adviser today and apparently they evaluated my packet incorrectly!!!! They never included my UCF transcript so my packet said I had 19 points when in reality I had 31 with a 92% on the TEAS. I would have been accepted :'( They are going to re-evaluate me and possibly put me on the standby list. Needless to say, I'm pretty upset but trying to trust that everything happens for a reason. How many points did all of you have??
  4. Blawson94

    Taking the TEAS test 5 years after A and P

    Is it necessary to be familiar with the diseases associated with each system?
  5. Hello everyone! I was a biology major at UCF and unfortunately didn't finish. I took A and P almost 5 years ago and as I am studying the ATI study guide I am getting really nervous to take the the TEAS. I feel like I'm starting from scratch and I was wondering if I should retake A and P before trying to take the test? It seems so in depth and all over the place, I feel like studying on my own won't be sufficient. Any advise? Thank you in advance!
  6. Blawson94

    How I Passed the TEAS Exam

    Do you think these things will be applicable to the TEAS VI? I am currently studying for it and this is such an amazing article, I would love to be able to use the information you have gathered!
  7. Blawson94

    EFSC Fall 2017 hopefulls!

    This might sound like a weird question and I apologize in advance, but I was wondering if you would be willing to send me a copy of your acceptance letter? I am hoping to be accepted into the program as well and want to manifest all the positive intentions I can!! Visualizing my dreams has been very important in my journey thus far. No worries either way though :)