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  1. sunnysideRN

    Patient education

    Thank you so much for enlightening me about "stoplight" tools! This is exactly the kind of systematic approach I've wanted to take with my patients but there's no way I could've created all that from scratch. I've registered and begun printing the handouts. So glad there's an organization focused on HH quality. Very cool, thanks again!
  2. sunnysideRN

    RN Home Health

    I'm in Socal where a 3 bedroom apartment rents for approx $3000/mth (just for context) SOC- 100 Recert/ROC/DC- 65 SNV- 55 Non-billable discharge- nothing, not a penny (curious if other agencies reimburse for this)
  3. sunnysideRN

    Patient education

    No, never heard of it. Please share.
  4. sunnysideRN

    Patient education

    Wondering if any of you have a system for what you teach and when you teach it. For instance, I've heard of some nurses teaching safety measures on the first f/u visit after the SOC, then pain mgt, then the medications. Also heard of some nurses teaching on 1 medication and/or disease per visit until they are all covered. I'm trying to be more systematic about it because I feel like I just address things as they come up and I'd like to be more proactive. My agency uses Kinnser and I feel like the pre-populated "progress to goals" don't help matters. It doesn't feel like a real care plan to me as so many of the items aren't relevant and there are many other things I liked to teach which aren't in there (though I could "free text" them if I had all the time in the world). I'd like to print more educational handouts but after all my charting the last thing I have energy for is printing materials, plus I'm trying to be smart about out-of-pocket expenses spent on work. Currently, I use my phone to pull up information in the home (for example, side effects of such and such medication) and then I just discuss it with the patient. Is a discussion the best teaching method for elderly adults, I am not sure. Any thoughts on anything related to how you teach your patients is appreciated :)

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