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  1. Maleigha97

    LPN TCAT Clarksville Tn

    I received my acceptance letter today from the Clarksville Campus! Has anyone else received a letter yet?
  2. Maleigha97

    LPN TCAT Clarksville

    Has anyone completed this program? If so, how did holidays go with that? As in how much time did you get off for thanksgiving and Christmas
  3. Maleigha97

    LPN TCAT Clarksville Tn

    I do! I recently took a cna course at a nursing home and got certified in May. So I've been working at a nursing home since the beginning of June! Which is a relief since will be doing a lot of cna duties in the clinicals
  4. Maleigha97

    LPN TCAT Clarksville Tn

    When I took it on the 15th the room was full, I guess it depended on the times. Hopefully they don't take forever sending out acceptance letters!
  5. Maleigha97

    LPN TCAT Clarksville Tn

    Well when I turned my application in, there was a huge line turning stuff in and getting test dates
  6. Maleigha97

    LPN TCAT Clarksville Tn

    This is my second option since I didn't get until nursing at Nashville State, but I'm excited for the lpn, waiting for anything to do with school is nerve racking! Lol
  7. Maleigha97

    LPN TCAT Clarksville Tn

    I as well did not see that portion at all on the test. We get our letters next month hopefully if we get in. I made a 98 on the math and 94 on the reading
  8. Maleigha97

    LPN TCAT Clarksville Tn

    Has anyone applied to this program yet and if so, what were your hesi scores?
  9. Maleigha97

    Nashville State Nursing 2018

    Has anyone received an interview letter? If so, what is your gpa and teas score? And when did you get your interview letter and what area do you live in?
  10. What was your gpa and teas score
  11. What is your teas score and gpa?
  12. Maleigha97

    Nashville state cc applicants for 2016

    I live in the Clarksville area as well, I'm hoping that's what it is, that it might take longer to get to us.
  13. When did you receive your letter and when is your interview? Tvenza
  14. When exactly did you get your letter and what is your gpa and teas score?
  15. I have a 3.1 GPA and proficient on the TEAS. I have no idea about the interview process but I wish I did, that's what has me nervous the most!