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    From my perspective of over 33 years in the field, I love dialysis for the autonomy - I have done home dialysis, PD, travelled, in center and acutes as an LPN. I have also learned to repair machines (I'm very mechanically oriented thanks to my Dad!), take care of water treatment etc.
    But day to day here is what you do - In Center hemodialysis has shifts that come in at certain times. So early morning a group comes in, they run and you take them off and put another set of patients on. During this time, the nurse is doing assessments, giving meds, and basic other tasks - calling MD's, getting med lists and doing reconciliation, etc. Most clinics you stay pretty busy. I have found DVT's and a pericardial friction rub on assessments as well as non-healing wounds etc. You use all your assessment skills and frequent communication with physicians. Depending on the clinic you work at, you will supervise technicians who do most of the actual care of the patient. These folks can be your best friends or worst enemies! Treat them with respect and they do their best work for you.
    It seems to be that you either love it or hate it - I would try to shadow for a day or two to see if it will fit. Give it a try!