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  1. MotoRN34

    Fraud? Should I report?

    Hey guys I'll keep this short. I work for a HHA and a co-worker submitted documentation to get paid for visits she did not do. She even forged patient's signatures. What's even more interesting is that she was caught by the manager. However, she was not fired and there were no disciplinary actions taken. Should I report this?
  2. MotoRN34

    Chart Corrections/Fraud?

    Yes they are. I'm very happy with my decision. The good news is I already have an interview with an insurance company and I hope all goes well!
  3. MotoRN34

    Chart Corrections/Fraud?

    So I ended up quitting. Now they keep calling me to come back in to "do right by the patients" and make the chart corrections. Unbelievable
  4. MotoRN34

    Chart Corrections/Fraud?

    Thank you for your reply. So I am completing the appropriate documentation based off of the information I receive from the patient and my own assessment of the patient. They are wanting me to change my answers to make it appear that the patient is "worse" than they actually are. I do not want to do this and I am contemplating quitting this job.
  5. MotoRN34

    Toxic Environment?

    So I quit my job today due to the toxic office environment. Some examples of the toxic environment includes racism, unprofessionalism, fraud/over billing, harassment and just cruel managers. The managers would refer to AA people as ghetto and would make racially charged comments about POC. The AA office members were always being watched and harassed meanwhile the non-POC would watch TV and make personal calls during their shift without any disciplinary action. They would gossip to every office member about who was fired or was going to be fired. The level of profanity used is the office was quite shocking. A close friend and coworker informed me that I was their next target so I quit before being terminated. Is there a way to report this?
  6. MotoRN34

    Chart Corrections/Fraud?

    So my HH company wants me to change my answers in my SOCs so that they are reimbursed to the max. My only problem is the answers they want changed are not what I assessed and are completely false. What will happen if I refuse to "correct" them? Will I get into trouble with Medicare or will the company just not get reimbursed?

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