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  1. HHNurse<3

    Breast pumping in the car 😱

    Hello! Returning from maternity leave in 2.5 weeks will be pumping in the car 3 x per day for other moms that did this how did you ensure hygeine? im thinking of buying a lab coat and wearing it in home so as not to contaminate clothinf. Or should i wear disposable gowns for wound care etc? i plan to wash hands with soap and water before leaving homes then hand santize once in car and before and after pumping any other tips or considerations? wish me luck!
  2. HHNurse<3

    Pay per visit rates

    Wow thats horrible i talked to a recruiter in LA today and it was pay per visit system and I calculated an hourly and it would be almost half of what i make here in northern california! I love home health but not that much! Id try to find a different field to enter if it was that bad in my area. When i started home health it was a 25% pay cut from the hospital but worth it. Any less than that and its not worth it anymore.... What does an average entry level med surg make in ohio?
  3. HHNurse<3

    New GG questions

    Not fraud its ok to take in other discipline’s input therapists often see things rns do not... as long as in 5 day window its ok
  4. Yes I am I am paid for hours worked but i need to meet productivity expectations I know a lot of places do pay per visit but you can calculate an hourly based off average visits per day and time worked a day, then compare it to other jobs in your area
  5. HHNurse<3

    LA HH or HO RNs?

    Well I just talked to a recruiter for a large hh company in LA and it was pay per visit and works out to about $38/hr which seems crazy to me for LA cost of living is still pretty high there!
  6. HHNurse<3

    Advice for floor nurse moving to home health

    Pay is less but there is more flexibility, less weekends, shorter hours. You have more of a normal schedule. If you do hH a long time and want to re enter hospital it could be tricky because hospitals want recent experience. When I switched to hh I kept my position at hospital but as per diem until i was absolutely sure I wanted to stay in field. I love the field but sometimes wish there was more opportunity for growth besides management track....
  7. We are hourly and get paid for all the hours we work. Ive never heard of salary for HH before. Generally, in my area, HH nurses make 20-25% less than hospital workers, so if you compre your income to the average hospital nurse in your area, if it is in that ballpark sounds like you would be on track.
  8. HHNurse<3

    LA HH or HO RNs?

    Hi I already posted to Home Health forum but just in case I missed someone... Any LA area HH or hospice nurses here or people that have worked LA HH in the past? Im considering a move from the Bay Area and am interested in hearing more about how it is down south workwise.
  9. HHNurse<3

    UCSF Per Diem Commute From SoCal...

    I did PD there but years ago at that time the minimum was 4 12’s a month and I think you still had a weekend requirement too.
  10. HHNurse<3

    Any Palliative Home Care Jobs in The Bay Area?

    Did you find answers? Id recommend Kaiser, Sutter, and Hospice by the Bay as good places to start.
  11. HHNurse<3

    Los Angeles?

    Hello! I am considering a move from San Francisco to Los Angeles and would love to hear from any LA HH nurses out there. What are the best companies or hospita based programs down there? How do you deal with traffic and meet productivity? Thanks :-)
  12. HHNurse<3

    Any HH/hospice RNs

    Hello all! I am a home health nurse and interested in talking with other HH and hospice nurses on the islands. How does pay compare vs hospital positions? Are you happy doing this work here? I have been doing HH a long time and love it but would like to try relocating if it is economically feasible. Thank you!
  13. HHNurse<3

    SFGH Birth Center Preceptorship

    Go to sfdph.org for employment opportunities. I dont know what its like to work there but if you want to work in l&d its a good idea to precept where there are job openings because you will have a better chance of getting hired. It can be hard to get a job at sfgh as it is county and pediatric and labor as well as ambulatory care positions are competitive. There are many hospitals in the bay area you can research.
  14. HHNurse<3

    Medicare Diagnosis Changes

    Except for when patients actually do qualify... Should patients suffer and take the hit for fraudulent agencies? Not fair in my opinion...isnt that why they have follow up evaluations and dc if no further decline?
  15. HHNurse<3

    Medicare Diagnosis Changes

  16. HHNurse<3

    Medicare Diagnosis Changes

    I am in a hh transitional program. Who is organizing a protest/petition/mass letter? Can we get this started here? Interested? I am... Who would we send it to? Cms? Local govt? I seem to recall either texas or florida getting hospice benefit cancellation overturned for medical patients...,

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