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  1. My process went pretty fast tbh I paid the 1/27 (a Saturday) I called that Monday & they had already mailed out my fingerprint paperwork I got that Friday 2/2 got my fingerprints done 2/6 they received them 2/8. I had to verify from PA which isn't a part of NURSYS. I paid for their verification 2/8 & it was sent 2/16. I checked today all my requirements are complete. I plan on driving there tomorrow & after reading previous posts I should be leaving with my license. Less than a month
  2. ShamicaLPN

    Endorsing from PA

    Just in case anyone is wondering, I submitted my request Thursday Feb 8th & received my email confirming the verification was completed on Friday Feb 16th. I was told it would take 14 business days, it took 6 business days.
  3. How long did you wait for your nursing verification from PA?
  4. ShamicaLPN

    Endorsing from PA

    Hello, I recently applied for an Endorsement for NJ, which has moved pretty fast thus far. I'm waiting on my nursing verification. From PA, does anyone know how long that takes? They aren't a part of NURSYS.