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  1. RNewbieMA

    Co worker

    Hi, I’ve been a nurse for 3 years in November (been in healthcare for 10+) and I work closely with someone who is male (just adding that in for context) +30 yo and has been a nurse for 10 years. We work in a small 5 bed PCU. I’ve been having a hard time working with him and I usually just ignore him, but it’s bugging me and I need professional advice. He is a very nice guy, don’t get me wrong- I just don’t think he’s a strong nurse... does it matter if I think that, absolutely not, but when is enough? Some examples: -went into a covid + patients room with appropriate PPE and then when he needed something he came out into the hall, without doning PPE. He does this all the time with clean vs dirty! -called an inappropriate RRT and then we all got the obligatory email “please read RRT protocol” -had the doctor come to the bedside for a low blood sugar before giving dextrose and then the next morning said to the am nurse “I almost lost her 3 times” because of hypoglycemia? -cannot prioritize, example patient needed to go on bipap because of respiratory distress and he was assessing and hanging an abx on a stable patient ... after I offered to hang the abx. -he used to fall sleep all the time ... yes we work the overnight shift but still ... it was many occasions for long periods of time. -he will be getting a patient at change of shift and won’t go in and help, Other people do ... because he needs to wipe down the nurses station and his computer... it’s happened three times. -he will constantly be telling me if my tele is alarming and I’m always aware of my tele...but he lets his ding off. -he makes very careless mistakes and he has no common sense, sorry My issue is ...He has been brought up to management by nursing supervisors and doctors many times, I have yet to go to my manager because she doesn’t do anything about it and He is never spoken to and he is training people on the floor! I will ask him questions about his practice and he thinks “he offended me” when really I am the only one who calls him out and in a professional way. I’m not stupid, I’m not making more problems for myself, I work with him a ton. My question is am I being dramatic ? Like someone who’s been a nurse that long should not be that clueless ...so why do I feel bad ? I usually get along with everyone, but I don’t trust working with him. He’s the typical book smart nurse, but can’t deal with emergencies. I think management should be doing remediation, correct ? Not having him train people ! Ugh sorry for the long post ! Thanks for your input.
  2. RNewbieMA

    Don’t know what to do !

    I really don’t know where to turn. I was going over my first year eval yesterday with my manager. I work on a med-surg/ tele/ intermediate dka /post op GI floor. She brought up that some of my co workers having issues with me lately. I was shocked. I’ve been stressed there lately, but in the ten plus years of working in health care I’ve never been told that my co-workers have complained about me. I asked for examples or situations of what was brought to her attention and she didn’t answer and told me I have “a chip on my shoulder.” I was completely caught off guard. I said I’m sorry you feel this way, but what would you make you feel like that. She said nothing. She said it’s a busy floor to expect high turn over and it’s stressful. I didn’t say anything and kept my mouth shut, but I know that ?? I do a great job and can handle the stress. I asked if my patient’s have had any problems with me and she said “no, I hear nothing but good things about you.” I am crushed. I have never dealt with anything like this before. All I said was I am vocal, I do like to understand things are done a certain way (why there is no continuity of patient assignments, why would I precept someone for the last of my 4 hour shift when someone who can also precept is there for the whole 8 hours, admission order because it’s always different) I don’t like yell or become unprofessional, but you cannot even have a conversation around the place. My manager is getting one-sided information from her favorites and unfortunately I know how these places work. It’s the same everywhere you go. You just need to keep your mouth shut and head low. Now I have to go back there and pretend like my boss and co workers don’t like me. Any advice ?
  3. RNewbieMA

    Where to start ? ONC

    You have yet to answer the question though ? I actually am classy. But just keep on pretending you know me over the internet.
  4. RNewbieMA

    Where to start ? ONC

    Oh so your looking for a thank you ? You took time to not answer my question, but tell me what you think I should be doing instead. You did not read my original post. I never said I was studying for any test, but simply wanted to throw a question out there for the future. So matter of fact, after a year at the job you have now you can start looking. There is nothing helpful about that post. I can take direction, but not when I am asking a very simple question. You were nasty and I replied with nastiness, you are right. We are all busy, we all have our own lives and stories and they are all different. My life is busy too and I asked a simple question, that you didn't even answer.
  5. RNewbieMA

    Where to start ? ONC

    @AAOnc22 -Thank you very much for the kind words, I appreciate the advice.
  6. RNewbieMA

    Where to start ? ONC

    No the tone that Ruby Vee was unnecessary and it's actually slander saying I'm "neglecting" my patients. We are all on the same page that I need to get experience somewhere first ?? I am focused and committed to my career now, but let's be perfectly clear. I am a registered nurse just like you two. I came to a website that you are suppose to feel comfortable coming on to ask questions and or advice. There is nothing on this site that helps me. Has anyone ever heard of new grads getting oncology jobs with no experience?? I have ! Again, I am just asking for advice for down the road ... whenever that may be. I didn't wake up and decide I have all the answers. Shame on me for coming on here, I should've just googled it.
  7. RNewbieMA

    Where to start ? ONC

    Oh btw learn to read because I literally said in my post I would like to stay a year? Smh, so sick of people like you
  8. RNewbieMA

    Where to start ? ONC

    Oh please tell me how I'm not competent in my job now ? I just don't understand how asking advice for down the road makes me a neglectful, incompetent med/surg nurse? This site is a joke because of people like you. I was simply asking for steps to take the ONC exam. You can always look to the future without "neglecting" your current position. Do me a favor, just don't comment on my posts next time, I don't like negative keyboard hero's. Thanks, next!
  9. RNewbieMA

    Where to start ? ONC

    Good afternoon, I have always had an interest in being an oncology nurse. That being said, I would like some input for how to get my foot- in -the- door. I want to start the transition from med/surg to oncology nursing and would appreciate some advice. I have been a new grad nurse for about four months on med/surg/tele/dka floor. I would like to stay here at least a year and maybe take the ONC in the mean time? Don't know where to start looking for study material, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  10. RNewbieMA

    Seasoned Nurses VS Newbie Nurses

    That's one thing you will always get from All Nurses ... keybord hero's who have their panties in a knot. There is nothing wrong with what your asking and just know that I am a new nurse too and I understand exactly what you're saying. What I plan on doing, finding a balance ... trying to find my own way (of course making sure my patient is safe and according to facility protocol) but also taking advice from experienced nurses. It seems so plain and simple, but as long as you're doing the job correctly, that's all that matters. I think this was an excellent question as a new nurse and for everyone who doesn't agree, it's very simple, if you don't have anything to add, just don't answer. Don't come on the discussion to say "nothing to see here,move on." This crap needs to end ... we are all nurses? We have dedicated our careers to helping and healing, but why can't we treat each other with some type of respect. I have been coming on here less and less because it's so discouraging with all this negativity. Please change my mind.
  11. RNewbieMA

    Work place violence, is the ER safe?

    I worked in the emergency room for five years as a tech before I became a nurse. I was fortunate enough not to be involved in any incidents, but I definitely saw some scary things. I happened to be walking by a room and a patient had jumped over the stretcher and was on top of a RN strangling her, which I'll never forget. The guy was 6'5, 300+ lbs ..that's when I yelled for help. My advice (and my own person opinion) is to have good relationships with your security team. They are your saving grace in these circumstances. Also, never be afraid to call for help or ask for a second set of hands. Don't ever second guess your gut and try to be a hero. If you ever have a bad feeling just be careful and mindful of your surroundings. Don't think it's just the ER though, it happens everywhere, unfortunately. Hope this helps, good luck !

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