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  1. My facility is in the process of upgrading our scheduler from a program called VSS pro to Kronos. We had the time clocks installed a year or so ago and now we are training on working in the scheduler and doing payroll. I am one of the administrators / Super users for my facility. I have not yet gained full access to the Kronos Test app so I am limited on what all I can do in it to learn and click around. I should be getting more access hopefully this week. I would like to know if your facility uses Kronos and the scheduler along with some pros and cons. Also things I need to pay more attention too when assisting in the training process. Thanks!
  2. My facility is reviewing our Rapid Assessment / Response Team warning signs. We have noticed here lately that the Rapid Assessment overhead call goes from the RAT to a Code Blue therefore we are reviewing our policy and educating the staff. I wanted to see what are some of the parameters or early warning signs other facilities have in place for the patients that the staff can look for. Also if anyone has any positive results which have worked for your facility please share. Thanks!
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    Unit Director Position - Questions

    I am currently in the role of a night shift Clinical Director position. I am going to talk with my CNO / director tomorrow about a position as a unit director for a renal floor that our facility is going to open up in the summer. I am unsure what type of questions to ask. This will be a short discussion for now as she has another meeting but she wanted to talk with me about the position. What type of questions would you ask? Thanks!
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    Unit Director Position - Questions

    I told her I was interested but that was before I knew it was going to be a Renal unit. I asked to discuss the plans for the new unit with her and told her I might be interested in the position based on the plans. She told me to meet with her tomorrow and she wants to hear my questions.