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  1. Cupcake2018

    I'm finally getting it together

    Good for you! Sounds like you worked out a feasible plan for yourself instead of whinnniiinnggg like so many people in this country do. All the best for you!!
  2. Do you have $85,000 to spend on tuition? If not, and you plan to use loans to finance your education, then no it is probably not worth it. You'll be making almost $1000 monthly payments for the next 10 years or so and newly graduated nurses don't make a whole lot of money. $50-60 grand may sound like a lot, but once bills are paid and children are taken care of, it will be difficult to make that kind of monthly commitment, especially as a single parent. Go local or relocate to an area that has a more reasonably priced school. Stay away from for-profit schools. They are junk and overpriced - they prey on the vulnerable. Work hard and do well. Eventually, you'll find a good and reasonably priced program.
  3. Cupcake2018

    Imposter syndrome?

    Nursing school provides the foundation of knowledge needed to learn how to be a nurse and pass the NCLEX. The real learning will likely come through actual experience working in the field. I'm a student too and there are times when I feel clueless, but that is because I'm inexperienced. We all are, so you are not alone.
  4. If nursing programs aren't interviewing prospective students in person, then they are surely "interviewing" them on social media...