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  1. purplewaves45

    Diabetes Educator

    I am in a transition time right now and exploring different job options. I have seen a lot of diabetes educator positions posted in my area. I am interested, but only have basic knowledge. (managed Type 1 kids in school). I was looking on the American Association of Diabetes Educator website and they have a bunch of interesting sounding classes. Is this the best route to go? Have people taken these classes before? Any suggestions?
  2. purplewaves45

    C'Mon Now!

    Two have left me shaking my head this week... was asking a high school student if they have any photophobia as part of a concussion assessment. As I ask, he spins around and looks at the florescent light on the ceiling and said, "I don't thinks so"... neither do I. Second kid came in asking if he could "just take a small rest". Complaint- eyes sore because the snow was very bright yesterday.... Suggested next time sunglasses would be helpful. He didn't like that suggestion.