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  1. Thank you cosro03. I hope you get in too. Good luck
  2. I came home today to a big package in the mail from Umass Boston College of Nursing and Health sciences. I am in! Wow,i am so excited. Anyone in the house got their acceptance too?
  3. Let Us know when you get the letter. I will do the same. My teas score was 77. My gpa 3.9. I am optimistic about getting in.
  4. Hey Katex03, I checked on Umass Boston website under admission "status". You will need your application ID and password to check. Good luck.
  5. I applied to the Umass Boston traditional nursing program for fall 2018 too. I checked my application on 12/18/17 and it say "I decision has been made on your application,expect a letter in 14 business days". Today is 12/23/17,I am still waiting for the letter. Anyone in the same situation.