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  1. When obtaining my RN degree I decided to go to an ADN-RN program instead of a BSN program. Obviously, as most of all of us have heard, a lot of states are transferring over to a predominately BSN nurse population and I'd like to keep up with those competitive standards. With that being said, is there anyone on here who has attended Nevada State College in Las Vegas to obtain their RN-BSN. I really want to use this school because classes are 8 weeks and it is all online. Not to mention, it is also local so I can actually be present at the graduation. For anyone who has done their RN to BSN, was it difficult? I hear its A LOT of writing and gosh I am so over writing care plans and other papers. I am giving myself only until the end of Summer and then I'm jumping right back into school. Also, if you have done the RN to BSN program online was it doable to do full time if you're a full time nurse or should I start part time??' Opinions needed, thanks a bunch!!
  2. Alexx_xox

    Alabama nurse killed...

    If you have any form of an electronic device, then I am sure you have all heard that a nurse manager was killed in Alabama. Another healthcare worker was wounded and apparently the guy who committed the murder, then turned the gun on himself. It is so sad day after to day to read multiple articles on nurse violence. A career that literally was built on selflessness and respect is now one of the highly most targeted when it comes to violent acts against workers. This is my question, should hospitals have metal detectors? Obviously you cannot rely on stricter gun laws, since criminals will find guns one way or another, but what are some other way to decrease nurse violence? I know security officers are amazing and quite helpful (especially in the ER); however, they have no clue if someone is carrying a gun. Do any of you guys have any opinions on what hospitals can do to better protect their nurses? If so, drop some opinions below: XO Alex
  3. Alexx_xox

    NCLEX-RN 265 and bad pop up credit card declined (CA)

    Typically, the PV trick doesn't work if you got the full 265 questions.