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  1. kmjp

    Moving to DFW area

    Hello all! I'm a recent new grad as of May. My fiancé and I were planning to move out to DFW sometime next year, but we moved the date closer because I'd like to get settled in my career rather than train and leave. I'm so excited to be moving to TX but I haven't heard back from any hospitals I've applied to. I'm getting the impression that TX hospitals REALLY prefer you to have a residency, rather than a job on the floors as a GN. Due to moving sooner than planned, I missed all the residency deadlines that start in Fall. It's difficult not being from the area at all and trying to figure this all out on my own. I've applied to Parkland, UTSW, BSW, and looking to apply to Methodist, and Medical City. Could anyone give me any word of advice? Should I give up on anything that's not a residency, or just keep applying for jobs? Any hospital that's great and hire's GN?MUCH APPRECIATED.
  2. kmjp

    Moving from NY as a New Grad

    Hello! I'm graduating in a little over a month from an accelerated BSN program in NY. My fiancé and I are moving to TX, and we're still not 100% sure if it will be Austin or Dallas. I'm open to any and all input, suggestions to certain hospitals (especially as a new grad), how the ratios are, personal experience, just getting acquainted to the city... anything really. Thank you so much ahead of time.