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  1. hellokitty98

    Are We Too PC?

    I think you should take a deep look at yourself if you are doubting marginalized groups abilities to articulate their experience accurately.
  2. hellokitty98

    Dysautonomia... POTS and IST

    I am interested in hearing the experiences of other nurses who have a form of dysautonomia whether it be postural tachycardia syndrome or inappropriate sinus tachycardia. Also interested in hearing about experiences with patients or people in your life who struggle with this disability. I am a 26 y/o male and a floor nurse in a LTC/Rehab facility. On any given day at work i'd say my average HR is 115-130 and BP sometimes on the lower end of normal 110/60. I take metoprolol ER and avoid caffeine at work but sometimes I am unable to tolerate work and fear I will pass out a work. The other day a resident vagaled out on the toilet, it was a heavier resident and two of us assisted them back to bed and elevated their legs. Afterwards my HR was rapid, I was SOB, feeling disoriented, everything was starting to go gray so I left the room immediately and sat down at the nurses station. I am concerned about how this might affect my practice, luckily I was not responsible for this resident and by the time I left another nurse was present. I am on my feet most of the shift and have good and bad days. I am doing everything I can to do my job and am always successful in completing med pass, treatments, charting etc. This is my first nursing job and I just feel like it is a matter of time before it starts to impact my job performance if I have a bad day or am forced to over exert myself. Do you disclose to employer incase anything does happen? I also have an anxiety disorder so I am reluctant to come out about my disability because it took so long to be believed or to get a diagnoses because of my hx of anxiety. If you suffer with this or know of someone who does i'm very interested in hearing your experience, what works for you, and feedback.