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    hellokitty98 reacted to Lil Nel in Are We Too PC?   
    There are some among us who believe not using those derogatory terms is forcing them to be PC.
    They believe it is their to speak however they choose.
    Clearly, my coworkers didn't see themselves as racist.
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    hellokitty98 reacted to NurseBrit23 in Are We Too PC?   
    If you're not black you don't have the right to tell me that someone shoving their hands in my hair is something that I should tolerate. Not sorry.
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    hellokitty98 reacted to Lil Nel in Are We Too PC?   
    Well, it all depends on you definition of PC.
    If PC behavior means I don't have to listen to my patient use the n-word to describe one of my co-workers, then I am all for it!
    I live and work in Kentucky, and during the past year, I have been amazed by the amount and frequency of racist outbursts from patients.
    If PC behavior zips shut the mouths of racists, hooray.
    One night, I worked with a nurse who was born in Japan, and has a Japanese first name.
    The other nurses and techs, call her "Kamikaze." They thought they were being playful, I suppose. I think they were being ignorant.
    I told this nurse: I will not call you Kamikaze. I will call you by your name.
    She smiled and said: I know. What is wrong with them? They are so ignorant!
    She didn't feel comfortable speaking up for herself because she was an agency nurse, and the minority.
    Happy to be PC!