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  1. JThieman

    Blood Gases after Surfactant Dose

    Working on adjusting our surfactant policy. Trying to set a standard of how long after administration of surfactant we should be assess blood gases. For first and repeat doses. Also interested in criteria differences for first and repeat doses of surfactant if possible (we use Survanta)
  2. JThieman

    Discharge after weaning to Crib

    We just changed our weaning practices in our nicu. We used to wean the isolette to 80 degrees, take them out and monitor for 48 hours (wouldn't discharge until they met the 48 hour mark). We just changed to weaning the isolette to 74 degrees and are undecided on how long we should hold them after that for observation. They are weaned much lower so we feel that 24 hours would be sufficient but I would love to know what you all do.
  3. JThieman

    Removal of NG/OG tube

    What kind of policies/protocols do you guys use in relation to removal of feeding tubes? We say 24 hours of full bottle feeds before we pull the tube. Is this close to what you all do?
  4. My leader has asked me look into how frequently we should be documenting vitals for patients on respiratory support. She would like to require charting HR and RR Qhour for these patients but doesn't know where to draw the line. Should it be for ptss on greater than 2L? CPAP and greater support? Any ideas or suggestions on what you all do?
  5. JThieman

    Post Op vitals frequency

    I am a CNS in the NICU and am trying to create a policy that specifies how frequently we should be assessing our post-op patients. Most of us currently assess Q15min x4, Q30min x 4, Q1hr x 4 and then Q2hr x4. Is this similar to what you all do? Should we be doing more or less?