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  1. Dean Uguan

    How much does Fresenius or Davita pay in Las Vegas?

    You might try joining the Face Book group "Las Vegas Nurses Rock!" and ask the question there.
  2. Dean Uguan

    I feel like I'm going nowhere

    Agreed. I've worked agency CNA shifts at different LTACH facilities. I was constantly amazed how the nurses handled the demanding load of the most most complex patient population imaginable. I've always imagined myself working as a new grad in an emergency department, but the challenge of working LTACH seems like an adrenaline rush unmatched. And at the facilities I've worked, the teamwork and camaraderie was unmatched.
  3. Dean Uguan

    IV Refresher course?

    Possibly the College of Southern Nevada Workforce Development group will have what you are looking for or something similar.
  4. Dean Uguan

    New Grad Moving Las Vegas

    Add in severe mental illness and substance use and you've named a good number of the reasons that make Valley, UMC, Sunrise and maybe Desert Springs interesting places to work!
  5. Dean Uguan

    1st Sem. Nursing student: Shaking in my scrubs

    Very true, this happened to me last night in the same city as the OP (and probably the same agency).
  6. Dean Uguan

    New Grad Moving Las Vegas

    For what it's worth: UMC just posted an internal employee only posting for new grad med-surg. Because it is internal, the posting itself made not be useful for this conversation, but the three year commitment they're asking for seems notable. It asks for three years at UMC with at least one year on the unit that does the initial hiring. Maybe I'm naive, but three years seems a tad excessive. I believe UHS and HCA typically ask for two years.
  7. Dean Uguan

    Does the VA pay better than private hosptial?

    This. Every VA is unique. Consider looking at the SAIL reports for each facility. There you will ratings for things life RN turnover rates, employee satisfaction and the like.
  8. Dean Uguan

    New Grad Moving Las Vegas

    UMC just posted an ICU training program open to new grads that had preceptorships in critical care (and other RNs with experience).
  9. Dean Uguan

    New Grad Moving Las Vegas

    Yesterday Mountain View Hospital posted new grad positions. I don't have any personal knowledge of the hospital, but others have told me they hold it in high regard.
  10. Dean Uguan

    New Grad Moving Las Vegas

    A little bit!
  11. Dean Uguan

    Cleaning patients after bowel movements.

    Agency CNA here. Sometimes cleaning the patient's bowel movement seems to stimulate additional bowel movements.
  12. Dean Uguan

    New Grad Moving Las Vegas

    UMC has been a little dry for new grad positions the last couple of months. The last one was for new grad IMC, but it was internal only.
  13. Dean Uguan

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    Mike O'Callaghan Federal Hospital (MOFH) is a small hospital located on Las Vegas Blvd across from Nellis Air Force Base. It was originally a joint venture between the Air Force and the VA, but now is primarily Air Force. You may already know that UMC is owned by Clark County and most employees can participate in Nevada Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). The State of Nevada operates a (top notch) Veterans' Home in Boulder City and their employees can participate in Nevada PERS. The State of Nevada operates two psychiatric hospitals in Las Vegas. Rawson Neal is a psychiatric hospital that is known for taking some of the higher acuity psychiatric patients. Adjacent to Rawson Neal is the smaller Stein Hospital, a forensic facility for certain psychiatric patients involved in crime. Employees of these two hospitals participate in Nevada PERS. The State of Nevada generally pays below market.
  14. Dean Uguan

    Home health going rate Nevada

    Strangely, there's a posting on Indeed today for: Home health nurse xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx - Las Vegas, NV $15 an hour
  15. Dean Uguan

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    The VA has the SAIL system that rates each healthcare facility on 25 different quality measures and assigns each facility a star rating. The star ratings are 1 to 5 star, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. The Las Vegas VA is rated 2 star. Here are the metrics specifically related to employee satisfaction: 1. Best places to work a. Overall job satisfaction b. Satisfaction with organization c. Recommend my organization as a good place to work 2. Registered nurse turnover rate Compared to other VA facilities, the Las Vegas VA performs below average in all employee satisfaction categories. Two points are worth mentioning. One, any individual may have experiences that aren't reflected in the organization's numbers. Two, Las Vegas hospitals generally rate more poorly than other American hospitals. SAIL ratings, including those specific to each facility can be found on the VA website. CMS' Hospital Compare shows ratings of hospitals nationwide but doesn't include VA hospitals.
  16. Dean Uguan

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    St Rose pays the best, followed by HCA: Sunrise, Mountain View and Southern Hills; and then UHS: Valley, Summerlin, Desert Springs, Spring Valley, Centennial Hills and Henderson. UMC is a busy, hectic public safety net hospital and employees seem to like the old-fashioned pension. The most exciting cases are likely to be seen at UMC, Sunrise and maybe Valley. St Rose probably has the best nurse:patient ratios. There is also North Vista Hospital, the VA hospital and MOFH (Air Force).

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