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  1. Nursing2019BSN

    PVT: Don't Trust the Bad Pop-Ups!

    it was wrong for me too! People reading this, please don't try this trick it's not accurate
  2. Nursing2019BSN

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG

    I did the PVT trick last month when I took mine, and it was WRONG. I spent 2 days sobbing because I thought I failed. Don't do this for your own mental health!
  3. Nursing2019BSN


    Hi, Sianee! As the previous posters figured out, your problem may be your lack of english knowledge that is preventing you from passing. Maybe enroll in an ESL class or something before you retake the exam again (if that's really what you want to do. Though I would suggest taking a different path). You will probably understand what's being asked of you more easily. Also, how did you pass nursing school without a solid English background? I assume you went to school outside of the US. Please update me on your plans. I want you to succeed in whatever you choose to do!
  4. Nursing2019BSN

    Cleveland Clinic Nurse Residency

    That's awesome! Thanks for your input I really appreciate it
  5. Nursing2019BSN

    Cleveland Clinic Nurse Residency

    Thanks so much for the response! You are not "just a medical assistant"--trust me, your job is very important AND I guarantee you have more knowledge than I do as a new grad. I can't wait to start working there!! I'm glad to hear you have been working here for a couple years. I'm scared I'll get burnt out quick since it's such a large and fast-paced hospital.
  6. Nursing2019BSN

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    men make more $$ in nursing.pdf edit: this is just one article i found. If you are truly interested, there are many other sources you can find stating the same thing
  7. Nursing2019BSN

    I passed on 6th attempt

    OH MY GOSH, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so happy for you Good for you for not giving up. You can be an inspiration to many
  8. Nursing2019BSN

    4th nclex attempt

    I'm sorry you're in this situation Although doing a remediation course is not ideal, I think it will be extremely helpful to you. If you fail a 4th time, there is either a large amount of knowledge you are missing (you have to have a really in-depth knowledge), or you're not studying the right way. Your educators might be able to figure out an ideal study plan for you. I think it would be helpful to get a personal tutor if this is the case. Also, do you have a psychological disorder that might be hindering you? For example, if you have crippling anxiety regarding the NCLEX, you might have to treat that first. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but you can fail the NCLEX again if you are just too anxious to focus. If it makes you feel better, I thought I completely bombed the NCLEX as well when I took it. I think most people feel that way, regardless of whether they passed or not. Don't give up! I know you can do anything you set your mind to!!
  9. Nursing2019BSN

    How do I pick myself up after failing NCLEX?

    You are definitely smart and qualified enough to pass The nerves might have gotten to you, which, who can blame you? I think it's important to address your fear/anxiety regarding the NCLEX first. You can be as knowledgable as you want, but if you have a full-on panic attack during the test your results might not reflect your competence. Trying as many questions as you can will help you become more familiar and comfortable with the NCLEX format. I advise studying from UWorld--it has a lot of challenging questions, which will help you prepare. I do not advise using Kaplan. I opened that up once, and the questions just were not as rigorous and the explanations were not helpful at all. Wishing you the best. I know you can do this!!!!
  10. Nursing2019BSN

    ATI Predictor

    My school used ATI as well, though I don't think I ever completed these modules you're talking about. In nursing school, they had us take the ATI NCLEX predictor exam twice. My first time, I got a 93% of passing, and my second I got a 96% of passing. I passed the actual NCLEX last week in 75 questions!
  11. Nursing2019BSN

    UWorld Self Assesment, is UWorld enough?

    :) thank you for that sweet post, but I didn't comment that! "napswithcats" did! when you quote someone's comment, it shows their response as well as the one you want to type
  12. Nursing2019BSN

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    men get paid more in nursing...that's the real inequality here
  13. Nursing2019BSN

    UWorld Self Assesment, is UWorld enough?

    First, I really do not think that's true!! You are more than qualified to be a nurse. Second, I'm really surprised you felt that way! Mine (content wise) was no where similar to what UWorld gave me...guess you got lucky!!
  14. Nursing2019BSN

    Cleveland Clinic Nurse Residency

    hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has gone through the Cleveland Clinic nurse residency program. I have accepted a position there and am due to start this summer. Are there any facebook groups or any resources to help me connect with individuals starting out there as well? Also, if you happen to work at the CC, how do you like working there? This might be a long shot of a question d/t how specific it is, but I thought I'd at least ask!
  15. Nursing2019BSN


    My RN license was posted around the same time they made my temporary one "null and void." What was the expiration date of your temp? If they voided it before it even expired there's a good chance you passed