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    Failed Fundamentals at BMCC, now what?

    Thank you so much for your response, I met with chair and advisor, they advised to pick another major, something I don't want to do since my heart has been set on Nursing. I believe there are non-cuny schools/ private schools that will take me. I had a 4.0 gpa when I applied for the Nursing Program, right now the C- I got on Fundamentals, dropped my GPA. I am not making excuses about why Didn't do well, I didn't just see the things I wrote above coming and that affected me so bad, you are right, I probably should have withdrawn but its okay, I am focusing ahead. I am still looking at other options out there for me. Thanks again
  2. Hi everyone, so I was so excited early this year when i started Nursing 1 at BMCC. I was dedicated, joined a study group, quit my job to concentrate on school, did well in the first two tests.......then....out of nowhere, my 2 kids got ill one after the other, I lost my Dad and my husband decided he wanted a divorce, he dropped the news one evening when i was busy studying for midterms. needless to say it was devastating , I passed midterm very narrowly and did poorly on the 3 exams that followed that one. I tried to be strong and still study despite all that was going on in my life, but I would be distracted and find myself crying when alone. I did not pass the class, got a C- instead of the required C, and the rule in CUNY schools is that once you fail fundamentals you are out of the program. I talked to my Mom and she is willing to help me with the kids and other stuff if I can find another program. so there is my question, which schools, Non-CUNY, would take me, and I would also like to hear from anyone who happen to have been in the same situation, what schools did you apply to after leaving a CUNY program? Did you go to a four-year school or went the LPN route? and can a LPN program at A CUNY school take me being that I failed at a CUNY school? I would like to hear from you all.