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    Hey!!!!! Hot Springs is an awesome area. I applied like forever to work in the VA there but no answers...multiple apps etc. I worked in RC but they go thru job cuts too and pay cuts and travel nursing cuts. I am having a hard time finding a job as a regular stiff or travel nurse in the Midwest right now so I am here in Cheyenne WY. Tell me what its like to work there...do u like it? should I keep on keeping on with the application thing? :typing I appreciate any information u could provide. I would be glad to give u more info on me if u like, like I am a female originally from Huron SD. went to DWU...later in life but have since worked as a travel nurse for last 5 going on 6 years. I am huge pet fan as I worked as a vet tech for almost 20 years before I became a nurse. :paw: If u would like to send me a pm, as I worked in the VA in SFalls for over 2 years and some of my best friends are still from when I met them there. Thanks for responding if and when u can. Terri
  2. mcqterri


    I am a SD born and raised and schooled. Currently a travel nurse SD was hard to impossible to find a job in so am currently in WY. It is hard out there for regular staff and travelers in the Midwest and all over. The Midwest has the best people ever! wooot woot!