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  1. DaveICURN

    Gender Bias in Healthcare Occupations

    May we see the particular study to this claim? Reason being the recent claims of the gender pay gap are shown to be inflated by many economists. The difference usually comes down to wages vs earnings. If a woman works more than a man, there is a pay gap sure, but it's because she worked more and earned it. Not from some conspiracy that is designed to inhibit the pay of women.
  2. DaveICURN

    Trump's 'religious conscience'

    Man it's almost like our nation was founded on religious freedom! That is YOUR choice in life. To assume that everyone else subscribes to your way of life is harmful to everyone around you. Don't project onto us your own life views and ask instead.
  3. DaveICURN

    Trump's 'religious conscience'

    This is a free market health care model. If you want a special procedure done, then you seek out a specialist. Can I see this specific case so I understand the particulars? What rights is he trying to remove? It doesn't "Allow discrimination". Discrimination is legally defined as, "Discrimination can be the effect of some law or established practice that confers privileges on a certain class or denies privileges to a certain class because of race, age, sex, nationality, religion, or handicap. Federal law, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, prohibits employment discrimination based on any one of those characteristics." Gender identity fits none of these criteria. This provision gives facilities the protection to choose how they want to handle the situation. These individuals will get a place to stay, just maybe not where they want. Once again, this is a private protection matter, not a federal one. "To the extent allowed by federal law, no private childplacing agency shall be required to perform, assist, counsel, recommend, consent to, refer, or participate in any placement of a child for foster care or adoption when the proposed placement would violate the agency's written religious or moral convictions or policies." This is still what I don't understand. You are okay removing the rights from people, to ensure rights for other people? Why?
  4. DaveICURN

    Trump's 'religious conscience'

    Boy, for a bunch of people concerned with peoples civil rights, some sure quick to limit the rights of others. This rule simply enforces and adds to existing policy. These rules are designed to protect workers from religious persecution and possibly loss of job over their beliefs. Do I feel this will lead to more death? No, this is because we work with a treatment team. If I can't hang blood because of my religious convictions, then someone else can. "But DaveICURN," you may ask "what happens if that nurse is the only one who can give blood and refuses to do so?" Well then it is the responsibility of the administration to overcome that hurdle. Either the manager or DON needs to come administer that blood. Do I think that nurse is at fault? I do, only if she had failed to make clear her religious preferences ahead of time. Otherwise it's poor management, not the nurse, who is at fault. Protection of rights are important for all peoples. Who and how to draw the lines is up for debate.
  5. DaveICURN

    Transgender man has stillbirth

    Please move to appropriate section as needed. https://apnews.com/b5e7bb73c6134d58a0df9e1cee2fb8ad This article denotes something that the nurses in my area have wondered about since early 2015. To summarize; "When the man arrived at the hospital with severe abdominal pains, a nurse didn’t consider it an emergency, noting that he was obese and had stopped taking blood pressure medicines. In reality, he was pregnant — a transgender man in labor that was about to end in a stillbirth." In school we were informed by our nursing instructor that the typical S/S of a heart attack were taken from male patient complaints. She went on the explain that the female patient has a diverse and varied complaints when it comes to heart attacks. We should use caution and critical thinking to allow us to come to a conclusion on pt condition during a possible heart attack. Enter now the necessary doublethink that must occur when dealing with the trans-gendered community. You look, talk, reports as, and have legal documents stating your are a man, but I as a healthcare professional need to treat you as a woman. This, as the article has shown, is going to increase the number of inappropriate treatments and misdiagnosed issues, especially in trauma and emergent situations. This is something that we as healthcare providers need to begin to have conversations about to ensure own own safety in our professional lives.
  6. DaveICURN

    Are We Too PC?

    In and of itself there is nothing wrong with spirit of kindness and consideration of the PC culture. For a movement attempting to foster inclusiveness and understanding is a noble goal and a worthwhile endeavor. However, this should only be a personal undertaking to begin change in a micro-social environment. The issue for me becomes when we expand it to the macro-social environment, specifically State and Federal government. To enact laws to enforce people to change speech, begrudging companies to change their policy to limit speech/ exposure of people whom are deemed Offensive, or cast titles on anyone who has differing opinion as an -ism are all symptoms that is causing the multilayered push back in American society.
  7. DaveICURN

    The Problem of Health-Related Shame

    For point of fact, the English Oxford definition of shame is: 1 A painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behaviour. I only make this point as a point of distinction because I feel its important to have the most widely accepted definition for the sake of conversation. The poster makes excellent point on the needs for therapeutic communication for the education and understanding of the patient. To really get to the center of the issues, we need to understand the W's (Who, What, and Why) of the situation. The importance of the Pt understanding the implication of the disease process cannot be understated. However it is important not to drive the Pt away from resources available to them. Would this plan work for every patient? Of course not. Care must be individualized for the Pt. This includes therapeutic communication and education. However, when do we use shame to the nurses advantage? Do we not shame the family of the bed ridden Pt when we tell them about the bedsores they admit with from home? Do we not shame the family when we tell them not to press the PCA button for the Pt? Shame is an important part of learning. It helps us tie an emotional response to the thing we wish to learn. This way we are more apt to retain the information for later use. This tool, I believe, should not be so readily abandoned. The shame felt because of an negative action is good, useful, and natural. While it's true we do not need to hound the Pt about their shortcomings, We do need to address them. There will be Pt who are resistant to education. Some will be very accepting, and the majority will be in the middle.
  8. DaveICURN

    Transgender Actress on General Hospital Breaks New Ground

    This is not an argument. This is a call down from your moral superior high ground. The fact that he questions the current care model adapted for trans individuals is merely the standard process of all care. "Is what where doing the correct treatment?" To shut down dissent on your opinion is paramount to silencing the scientific process. If you are so sure of your correctness on the topic, then please list those reasons as empirical data. To do otherwise is tantamount to proving your argument is just as valid, or invalid, as the other poster. Could you expand on this please. I'm unsure whether you mean allowing the progression of group consensus to establish norms, or force people to accept the minority viewpoint as the norm. You must understand that one is the human condition, the other is more of a utilitarian thought policing. Then please supply us with your information. Obviously the poster has some knowledge on the subject seeing as they used the appropriate terminology for their post. Please keep in mind that there are many educated people on this board, and some may not agree with you. Some may not agree with the poster. But the dialog is important for the continuation of ideas and discourse.
  9. DaveICURN

    Gloves? Is this acceptable?

    Our nursing instructor always taught us, "If it's wet and not yours, wear gloves. Otherwise touch your Pt. There are many things that a gloves hand can hide." I use this practice to this day.
  10. DaveICURN

    How to Support the Next Nursing Generation: The Z's

    Now that you mention it, I was at the long end of the shift that day. So responses were probably more... colourful than they needed to be in this case. True enough for the Gestapo bit. The targeting education as well. But I do find it irksome that the idea that equity is more important than equality is being put in the forefront. Also on the wolfkin part, I chalk that up to the famous meme that went around about the boy who was in every way, but physical, a wolf.
  11. DaveICURN

    How to Support the Next Nursing Generation: The Z's

    Why there is something to say about incorporating new learning styles for our upcoming co workers, It still seems like there is a lot of ball to drop. We deal in peoples lives, day in and day out. Our commitment should reside on the Pt well being, not on the comfort of the new staff. Technology is great, when it works. But when the chips are down, you gotta know your stuff. No googling ACLS tips during the code. "They desire work-life balance while making money at a stable job. And, they want to have face-time with management." So they want to work less, and be paid well? Well who doesn't? The trade off for less home time is more disposable income, the inverse goes without saying. and Face-time with management? The only time i wanted face time with management was my yearly review. But does this also mean that they expect face-time? I'm confused what face time with management has to do with the upcoming workforce. "Show Respect for Diversity - Be sure to include them in groups and committees at work. And, be ready for them to expect these groups to show diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation." To expect? They Expect it? The only thing these little tide pod eaters should expect is competences and hands on education. Who has trained these little Gestapo to think like this? Why should the most qualified person for the committee be beaten out because the the other candidate was a trans-gendered pan sexual demi-queer wolfkin? This is the line in the sand for me. I could care less if Carol, fictional, and I have the same interest in women, what i care for is that she will bring forth the arguments that leads to a positive work environment and best Pt care. Would I work with a trans-gendered pan sexual demi-queer wolfkin? Of course. I care not for the personal lives of others, but as soon as you stand upon the moral high ground and sneer at me for my lack of inclusivity, I will hold up that mirror and point to our Pt. They are what is important. They are what matter. Not our differences in orientation. We will all care for these Pt together for a positive outcome. That is what matters.
  12. DaveICURN

    "That's a myth about nursing"

    Yes there has been a myriad of "The sky is falling!" mentality about nursing shortage. However I think this has been a preemptive warning. According to the current data, over 50% of our current nursing population are set to come into retirement in the next 10-15 years. This means half, HALF, of nurses at maximum will leave the field. This is an emergent problem. Couple that with the fact that there are surging number of enrollments into the nurse practitioner program, and you have a recipe that leaves 50% of the workforce understaffed and under trained. I also agree with the sentiment that there are not enough floor nurses. Everyone is looking to specialize to make that bigger dollar. The old adage of needed floor experience is now fading, as the specialty units are hiring new grads straight from school.
  13. DaveICURN

    Medical Marijuana, New Legislation in Oklahoma

    This is also something that I want to keep an eye on as well. If the pain management places pickup on the medical marijuana, do they see a lessening of the refills of their prescription opioids?
  14. DaveICURN

    Medical Marijuana, New Legislation in Oklahoma

    The behavior comment hits the nail on the head. Since the language of the law disallows employers from disciplining based solely on a THC+ drug test, it will then be left to any adverse occurrence. Like workplace accident, repeated med variances, missed hours etc. Furthermore, could I have some source of the claim the that the correct way to utilize medical marijuana is in a tincture? All the menus I have seen from viewing the various dispensaries online boast a wide variety of plant buds and edibles. Would not the choice default to the holder of the card to choose their own regimen? I'm just want clarification for something I have not heard before.
  15. So we recently passed the Medical Marijuana Bill in our state(Oklahoma). This Bill is hailed as one of the most open, as it does not require any specific medical diagnosis for the Prescription card. So I would like to have an ongoing discussion to follow some trends. 1. What are facilities doing to be compliant with this new law? Are they amending their drug policy? 2. What changes do you see in general Pt care? Are the facilities changing admissions guidelines to request the Pt Medical Card on admission? Will your facility be providing medical substitutes for Pt with perscribed THC products? I called and talk to our BON, they stated that all nurses will still be held to the Safe Nursing Guidelines set forth in Nurse Practice Act 567.8 b(4-5); 4. Is intemperate in the use of alcohol or drugs, which use the Board determines endangers or could endanger patients; 5. Exhibits through a pattern of practice or other behavior actual or potential inability to practice nursing with sufficient knowledge or reasonable skills and safety due to impairment caused by illness, use of alcohol, drugs, chemicals or any other substance, or as a result of any mental or physical condition, including deterioration through the aging process or loss of motor skills, mental illness, or disability that results in inability to practice with reasonable judgment, skill or safety; provided, however, the provisions of this paragraph shall not be utilized in a manner that conflicts with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please be aware, I am opening this line of discussion for all parties. I was not a supporter of this bill, I felt the wording was to open and did not have enough regulation, but I accept it now as the law of the state. I will endeavor to give all my Pt the same care i always have, regardless of Pt medication regiment.