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    job ideas for pregnant nurse?

    How about a day surgery center or ambulatory surgery center. For the most part all are elective procedures, most are healthy, and most are ambulatory....no total care. However I agree with the previous poster, you should really be fine in any setting of the hospital as long as you use your head!

    ER to OR? Several questions - answers please!

    I was an ER nurse for 10 years, and never dreamed of leaving. We moved about two and a half years ago and there were no day or evening shifts available in the local ERs so I branched out. I happened upon an opening at a surgery center and started in the PACU and now am the nurse manager. I will never go back to the hospital!!!! The shifts are great, the patients are pleasant, the doctors are all easy to work with. The pace is right on track with all ERs I have worked in (level I&II trauma centers), but the acuity is no where near ER level obviously. Any chance you could shadow a nurse for a couple of days in the OR? The main thing I have learned is sterile field in the ER is NOT sterile field in the OR!! I am not a circulator, but have oriented and found my ER skills are best utilized in the Pre-op, PACU and procedure rooms. Best of luck in your decision!
  3. Are you wanting an HCA facility? If so there are numerous HCA Ambulatory Surgery Centers in the North Texas division. In fact there are 2 in Plano. McKinney, Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth and Las Colinas all have HCA amb surgery centers. Less HR to go through than at a hospital. Just a thought.

    Songs to play in the Waiting Room

    "I'm So Dizzy my head is Spinnin'" for all the vertigo patients.

    UMC Lubbock

    I did not work at UMC, I worked at Covenant and had good working conditions while there. Most people I know that work at UMC left Covenant only for the Sign On bonus and they all said that they enjoyed there 2 years they spent there, but they ALL came back to Covenant. UMC is a teaching facility that some people have trouble adjusting to that type of environment. As far a Lubbock as a town, I loved living there. We moved when my husband graduated from law school. Lubbock is a super friendly town, and getting around is very easy. All numbered streets (82nd, 66th, 19th) run east/west, and then named street run north/south. And then THE Loop will take you around the whole town. Shopping is good for a town its size. Big mall, good grocery stores (United). Good luck in your decision!

    I'm not getting called for an interview!!

    I agree with sending a thank you note, and high lighting something that was discussed in the interview. I also have sent my resume directly to the hiring manager/nurse manager. I have had to move due to my husband relocating severaly times over the past 7 years and each place we have moved I went to HR gave them my resume, AND sent my resume to the ER manager. Everytime we have moved, I nailed the job I wanted. Good luck, and GO and get the job you want!

    A question for OR nurses

    Thank you for all your input. This was done to the best father in law I could have ever asked for, and I feel his death could have been prevented with a simple CXR ASAP after the attempts for a central line. I am not sure why the central line was place either, and I have reviewed the chart and cannot figure out why it was needed as he had a patent 18g prior to anesthesia.

    maternity leave -- how long?

    It's simple. Take as much time off as you possibly can! If you can afford 3 months off take all of it. If you can afford more time off, take it too! All depends on how long they will hold your position. But, if you have to go back in 6 weeks, do not feel gulity about that. Babies are expensive! Congratulations!

    A question for OR nurses

    I think waiting for the PACU before getting a chest xray is too long. Is this the standard?
  10. JJFROG

    A question for OR nurses

    A family member recently had a brain tumor, a benign meningioma, removed and anesthesia place a central line. They obiviously had difficulty starting the line as there were 8 attempts on the R subclavian, 8 attempts on each jugular and it was eventually place on the L sublcavian after what appears to be 8 more sticks. Yes, I myself counted the stick marks, along with the attending Pulmonologist in the SICU. No chest x ray was done on him until after surgery when he went in to cardiac arrest. Surprise....he had bilateral pneumos! My theory is he was so acidotic from inadequate perfusion he arrested. My question is, do you normally get a chest xray after placing a central line in the OR? I am an ER nurse and we get the PCXR immediately after placing the line, what is the norm for the OR? Thank you.
  11. JJFROG

    west texas anyone?

    West Texas is huge, I am in Lubbock...where are you?
  12. JJFROG

    TCU nursing students/ alumni

    I graduated in 1996.
  13. JJFROG

    Press Gainey in the ER

    Doesn't it seem odd that we all get the low scores? We had one month where we were in the 95 percentile, the following 2 months we were in the 20th, this month we are at the 80% and we have done nothing different!!!!! It is all a crock! My guess is that the patients that returned the negative responses were mad that the nurses were "eating and laughing at the nurses station, while I had to wait 6 hours to be seen", were the patients that were in the ER when administration bought lunch to celebrate the 95% placing.
  14. JJFROG

    Morning Sickness

    What about the bands that you wear around your wrist that trigger an accupressure point. I think they are called "sea-bands".
  15. JJFROG

    Do you have to pay for parking?

    After moving from Seattle, I consider Lubbock Texas as a rural area. I see cotton fields across the street, and it is $4 to park!
  16. JJFROG

    Press Gainey in the ER

    I do not like it and I have not met anybody who does! I would get on my soapbox but I am on my way to BUNKO! Down with Press-Gainey!