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  1. Hello,

    The school I'm currently attending uses an A/A- and B+/B/B- system. What I mean is...

    A is a 4.0

    A- is a 3.7

    B+ is a 3.3

    B is a 3.0

    B- is a 2.7

    How are GPAs determined at SMU? Is an A- a 4.0, or a 3.7? Is a B+ a 3.0, or a 3.3? I'm looking to apply to the CRNA program in the future and want to know where I stand.

    Thank you!

  2. Why do you have to get an A? I thought that you need a C- or higher for in progress coursework.

    That may be true, I don't remember. Didn't mean to scare you if it isn't true lol.

    @mom to 3 boys.. I'm sorry you didn't get in. I'm guessing you didnt get extra points you thought you would? I didn't get my extra points which surprised me because I am almost 100% sure I am eligible, but maybe did something wrong. I enjoyed seeing you post and like the poster before me said: maybe there will be more alternates allowed in because of the online format. I certainly hope so!

  3. Thanks for all the great answers and suggestions! This might be the hardest question to answer; you may take ~15 units or so as a nursing student - how do those ~15 compare to a lower division ~15 (e.g. physio, english, math, misc in one semester).

    I know it will all be fine and dandy, but I'm looking forward to the new challenge/chapter and am just curious while I wait. My friend in the program also said it's less physio and more pathophysio so I think I'll order that book you recommended. Thanks!

  4. Are you working? How long to land a job? When did you start looking? Was it the job you wanted? How is the pay in your area if you are able to comment on that

    Is nursing school actually crazy hard or is it just melodrama? I can see 19 20 21 year olds exaggerating how hard it is. I hear people say you'll have no life, working is out of the question, you'll never be more stressed etc etc and it sounds a bit dramatic. But I can also see it being legitimately difficult and taking up a lot of time.


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