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  1. SDANG

    Nurses Week Gift Jackpot!

    Food, food, food, and more FOOD! Plus, more food on top of that! Cupcakes, brownies, cake, pizza, nachos, fruit bowls, parfaits, apples, oranges, bananas, virgin mimosas, strawberries, plus a ton of other stuff that individual people brought each day M-F this past week. So, more food.....and then some. Food on the way in to the building, food down in the cafeteria, food in the breakrooms.
  2. If yes, please indicate where you have your professional liability insurance (and any contact info - website, etc - for the business)
  3. SDANG

    dreams of a patient

    I'm not sure this fits in here, but I found this while browsing the internet and thought it was worth sharing with others. It's someone's inward experience (dreams) while sedated and intubated in the ICU. Here's the link if it's appropriate: https://kotaku.com/the-dreams-of-a-man-asleep-for-three-weeks-1833572960. I thought it was interesting.
  4. SDANG

    DNR? details please

    What is a DNR? Is it simply NO chest compressions? I always thought that it ALSO meant NO ACLS medications to resuscitate, and NO intubation. If the patient would allow or want either meds to resuscitate or intubation, then it would be considered a "PARTIAL CODE." Is this INCORRECT? Can these details about a definition of DNR vary from facility to facility?? Can it vary state to state? Or country to country?
  5. SDANG

    Saudi Arabia and/or EU

    Has anyone on this forum worked in the Economic Union of Europe or Saudi Arabia? How was your experience? Which travel company did you work with?
  6. So I had a dream last night that I was an MD, very strange as it had one of my patients I had the other night, with a condition I saw a few weeks ago. Anyway, it got me thinking if I might like to do that for a living rather than be an RN. I'm enjoying my work as an RN - got my license almost 4 years ago, however it was never my dream job or anything like that. I was a CNA for several years before I became an RN, and at that time I always said I would much rather be an MD than a nurse. I'm really interested in how things are medically diagnosed and how to treat and cure patients....I love reading the physician's notes and talking to them. I've been wanting to go back to school for SOMETHING but I'm not sure what. However, I'll be 47 in a month and maybe I should just think about staying where I am and start planning for my retirement. I have also considered going back for other things such as law school, physical therapy, acupuncture, public health, or nursing education. I'm not really interested in becoming an NP. In my state they cannot work independently and the pay isn't that much higher. My very first degree back in the 90's was a BS in biology (had planned on working in a medical laboratory) but instead I started my own business (had a gift shop for about 10 years importing goods from Ireland an Scotland). So I have some of the background required although I realize I might need to retake some classes (it's been over 20 years as prereqs). I've also been thinking about opening up my own Scrub Shop. I'm so undecided. Lots of ideas..... too many ideas. I never had kids so.... my brain isn't busy with that stuff (still would like kids, thinking of adopting but I'm never home, so....probably not). I'm not sure I'd be smart enough to be a doctor, but I think it's all so interesting.
  7. SDANG

    California Board of Registered Nursing

    I had thought about doing that, but instead I just waited and it finally did come in. I got my first RN license in February 2014 in Tennessee. I submitted to get my CA license that same day in February. I actually flew out to San Diego (where I now live) to get my fingerprints done the next day to make the process quicker (by mail I think it's like 6 weeks longer or something). It was a quick two day trip but worth it to me! I think it took another two months for my CA license to come in. I heard it also depends on the time of year you put in your application for a license (May/June is really busy time and can take longer). Good luck and congrats on your job in CA! But to answer your question, no I haven't been to the office in Sacramento....I would guess it might make the process quicker but I really don't know. It is really hard to get through on the telephone. If you come in person they might end up telling you just to wait for it to come in, then again who knows? It might help to come. I've always wanted to visit the capital city, haven't done so yet. Where is your job going to be, which city?
  8. SDANG

    short term disability

    I just twisted my knee this afternoon, I've got in on ice and elevated. I'm a little worried if I can't walk well by Thursday my next shift. I think I got short-term disability but not 100% sure if it was added with my health ins. I had a two month break in between contracts. Maybe my knee will feel better tomorrow, crossing my fingers.
  9. SDANG

    Travel Nursing as a New Grad

    I was able to get a travel nursing job after only 11 months experience. I felt ready and did just fine. I came from a PCU and took a travel med-surg job....
  10. SDANG

    New Career

    How about a school nurse? Perhaps an office job like a medical assistant? Insurance company? Pharmaceutical sales?
  11. Here is some info: MSN without a BSN? | MastersinNursing.com Good luck!
  12. SDANG

    help please

    Shibaowner, Can you tell me where I can find out which states do have full practice authority as a nurse practitioner?