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  1. Looking for somthing rural'ish and with low rent, but pays well. Med/Surg. And yeah, wouldn't be a hassle to get a license (compact if an option).
  2. Not really. I'm not rooted anywhere. But I do have a home state (or tax home), for tax purposes only. So what do you do? Pick a state, bid for a job on medifis, and if they accept and you have a nurse, you just send them to that state? No consequences?
  3. Beautiful info! Thanks! Ahh! Decisions decisions A few more questions Ned. 1. You said you had a friend who started a real agency who ended up having to register with one CA agency. I'm confused. Do you mean "...having to register with one CA "hosptial"? What do you mean having to register with an agency? Why would an agency register with another agency? 2. So if I were to pick a state where I am not a resident in order to file my entity, it would automatically be a foreign entity in that state. And this is the case with all the states. Correct? 3. What are the regularory issues (that you know of), besides having to register your entity in the state where you are sending nurses (including yourself)? 4. How do you know before hand whether you'd have to register in the state before working with a hospital or staffing it through a vendor? 5. There would be two owners (50/50) for my entity. So if it's an LLC, it would be an LLC with partnership election. Any disadvantages to this choice as opposed to a corporation with S election? 6. Considering there is a partner, is an LCC with S election a feasible option? If yes, would it be the better choice, in your opinion? Thanks again Ned!
  4. OK. So I'll take your advice and go LLC. I think it defaults to be taxed as a sole proprietor if I'm not mistaken. Question now is, which state should I file at? I'm thinking Nevada since I'm reading it (and Wyoming) is business friendly, plus no income tax. Another question is, if I get contracts with hospitals in another state (let's say Washington), and I hire nurses to send there, do I have to file as a foreign LLC there? Because if that's the case, then I see no point in choosing Nevada. Thoughts?
  5. I must have read the "business type" part 10 times. I'm still confused, unfortunately. Could you please shed some light on it if yiu don't mind. Talking about : SOLE Proprietorship. C CORPORATION. S CORPORATION. LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC). Partnerships. PROFESSIONAL SERVICE CORPORATION.
  6. Just did. The information is from 2002(?). Does it still apply.
  7. Wow! Caught! That's Ned! Any pointers where I should start? What would be the first step?
  8. This might be a hail marry pass. Anyone here been through it? Asking about CA specifically.
  9. 3,000 a week take home (after housing and with insurance), med surg? Where?
  10. I feel you just don't want to share that info, to be honest. Because it's just not that complicated. Im failing to see why it would be difficult to give an average. Also, you say it's impossible to give an average, and yet you say to call agencies to get an idea. Quite contradicting. If it's impossible to get an idea of what the average pay is, then how am I getting that info by calling some agencies? Rhetorical question. I already clarified that. Who? Med-Surg travel nurse. When? Umm now? Where? California (rural and metropolitan) I'd already mentioned that as well. Take home, after housing, med surg. You see, how average works is you take the ones that pay the highest, and the ones that pay the lowest, and everyone else in between...add them all up, then hone in on the spot in the middle. The pay you see there is the average. That's why I'm asking here, and not the agency. As someone who's done the assignment, you'd know how much you ended up with. Anyway, thanks for your help.
  11. Sorry NedRN, not trying to be rude. Just trying to figure out the average. It's mathematically impossible not to have an average. The word “average” is used in everyday life to describe where the middle number of a data set is. It’s the typical number you would expect to find in a series of numbers. In statistics, the average is called the “arithmetic mean,” usually just shortened to the mean. Both the average and the mean use the same formula: avg = total sum of all the numbers / number of items in the set. In other words, to find the average, add up all of the numbers in the set, and then divide by however many items you have. Let’s say you have 5, 10, and 15. Add them all up to get 5 + 10 + 15 = 30, then divide by 3 (the number of items). The answer is 30 / 3 = 10. In this case let's say you earned $129, $139, $155 and $176 over the last 4 weeks. What is your average pay? Step 1: Add up all of the numbers in the set. $129 + $139 + $155 + $176 = $599. Step 2: Divide Step 1 by the total number of items in the set. There are 4 items in the set, so $599 / 4 = $149.75. So your average pay is $149.75.
  12. jjdd

    Registry while on travel contract - How?

    Wow! Thanks NedRN! Very valuable info there! So, from what you're saying, I'm actually making less (as much as half less) when doing OT vs straight time? And in regards to registry work, isn't it $500+ per shift?
  13. Have you ever took home $5000/week from a single 13-week travel contract?
  14. Thanks NedRN! I'm sure it's not that difficult to give an *average* estimate based on the criteria I gave. I mean... Is it $500 or $5000. Just asking for an average.
  15. How exactly does it work? Who do I sign up with? Basically, looking to pick up shifts in my area during my off days. Are the companies that offer registry the same as the ones that offer per diem and 13 week contracts? Is per diem even the same as registry? Appreciate any pointers.