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  1. Group meets are an exciting and potentially successful way for a class to socialize, connect on events revolving around a certain class, and share material that can help classmates succeed in class. For those looking to join a group meet or start a group meeting, you’re in the right place! Here are my experiences on failed group meets, the successful group meets, and the tips I can give out to ensure you’re not headed for failure. The Failed Group Meet Experiences In my first attempt at AP1, a group meeting was started by this girl who wasn’t the most academically inclined or nicest. She was somewhat of a generic mean girl. I heard about the group by ear and decided, hey, I might join. After one of the “followers” let me in and some nasty looks from the generic mean girl clique, I was in, for like two hours before leaving. It was a flop. There was confusion everywhere, only two people knew what was going on, and it was a popularity circle. Although I dropped, a few people got a chuckle that everyone in this group failed miserably. I dodged a bullet, well, sort of, for the time being. Another hilarious attempt was during my English class in the Fall! Our class had this girl who talked more than the teacher, and she constantly talked over him and, for some reason, had it out for others in the class. Have you not? On the week before our class ended, she decided to create a group chat because she didn’t understand what the teacher wanted, and he was hard to reach. It was hilarious because no one joined! Tips 1- Know what you’re doing The key part of starting a group meet is to know what you’re doing. That means if you’re going to start a group meet, it’s recommended you’re on top of your stuff (not saying academically, but know the syllabus, the due dates, quiz dates, test dates, etc.). I’m just going to be blunt, you don’t want the dumb leading the dumb. I'm not saying that anyone is, but in this scenario, it was dumb to get people together, and they didn’t know what was going on. 2- Leave the popularity food chain mentality in high school The other reason this group failed was that it was operated on a “I like them" and, “I don’t like them” type of system. When you’re in prereqs, It’s best to leave this mentality alone once you get into prereqs. This is speaking for the individual you and not them. When starting group meets or study groups in person or through an app, it welcomes the whole class. 3- If starting a group meet, PLEASE create the group during the first two weeks of class This makes it easier for the people joining the group to know what’s going on. Do not wait until the end to keep people informed. 4- Watch out for ulterior motives This could range from using people to trying to flirt with someone (yes I've heard about it trying to seduce someone actually happening)! If you feel there is a motive it's best to just leave. Successful Experience The best group that I can say I’ve ever been in during pre-reqs was in my Microbiology class during the Fall! The person who started the group was literally the most positive, most professional, and the smartest person I have come across, and the people in the group were a joy to be around. This person made the group meet accessible to everyone, people chipped in to help and encourage each other, and hey, some margaritas and food were thrown in after every test! When it came to this group meet, I enjoyed coming to class because overall, I can say it was a positive experience! 1- Have good leadership skills I don’t want to give away much about this person, but this person had very strong leadership skills! This person took charge and wasn’t the typical leader but chilled and laid back! 2- Teach each other and learn from each other No one person has the answers, but it’s always best to go to someone who does. In this group meeting, questions were brimming, and there was always someone to answer them! Alongside this the group often studied, which was beneficial as well! 3- Lend a helping hand When one is nervous or maybe in need of a scantron ... if you have the means to help someone, do so! Assisting in the group was very prevalent! References 7 Benefits of Study Groups Using Study Groups
  2. Taking anatomy and physiology and Microbiology was somewhat of a cardinal sin in my community college. Regardless of the warnings from professors and counselors, I enrolled in AP1 (which I retook) and Microbiology (entirely new to me at the time) during the fall! Here are the pros and cons of taking two science classes together and some advice on my experiences. Pros - Why You Should Take Classes Together #1 This is a test. Taking Anatomy and Physiology with Microbiology helped when understanding certain chapters of each science class When I took Microbiology, certain aspects of the course helped with anatomy, such as reviewing the anatomy of organs, the organs', Chemistry, and cytology! I finally understood desmosomes and gap junctions and got to check the functions of the renal medulla. #2 Multi-tasking skills Although I took two science courses in total, I actually some classes over again to achieve better grades. I took AP1, Microbiology, Human Development, and English (In total, with the lab, I had six courses). During this semester, it was CHAOTIC, but I learned how to multitask more efficiently! #3 A newfound appreciation for science While taking anatomy and Microbiology together, I had a newfound respect for science. I appreciated it more. As cheesy as it sounds, I enjoyed learning about the human body, viruses, and gram stains! #4 Increased Memorization skills Both courses are deeply rooted in memorization, so spending time studying and memorizing the material has helped my memorization skills tremendously! Cons - Why You Should Not Take Classes Together #1 The burnout I had quite a rigorous schedule. Sitting in a lecture from 3-4pm, a twenty-minute lunch, and I'd be back at campus an hour early to study. Again, I sat sitting through another lecture from 6 to 7pm and then a lab the next day from 6 to 10, only to live an hour away and study for the next anatomy exam and my other courses! I was going to bed at 3am most days, and by the end of the lecture, 5am. There were days to where I was burnt out and just didn't want to do it anymore, questions why the hell did I do this and tempted dropping! But in the end, I knew what my objective goals were. #2 Midterms and Finals will kick your butt I had more difficulty with the timing of big tests! Although Microbiology didn't have a midterm, my anatomy midterm's timing caused a lot of rushing and a lot of rescheduling, and so did the final. #3 The battle of studying Although I was familiar with anatomy, I spent more time studying for this course than Microbiology. In Microbiology, I only studied for 1 to 2 hours which proved successful, but usually, anatomy requires a bit more studying. Even my Microbiology professor had stated this during the end of the semester. #4 There isn't enough time for free time Sadly because both courses have a lot of material and require lots of studying there were no fun weekends for me! After studying, I usually just caught up on sleep Advice For Taking Anatomy and Microbiology Course Together #1 If you're retaking Anatomy, prep in advance Although I reviewed material, prepping a few weeks before the semester started helped me! #2 Low-Stress professors make a difference When retaking this, I actually took the most laid-back teachers I could find for the semester. Extra credit was given freely in Microbiology. Hence, it wasn't super rigorous for me while in AP1; no extra credit was given, but the teacher was incredible at the lecture. We actually used the textbook's PowerPoints which were actually the real test, so it helped tremendously. #3 Weigh the pros and cons along with the lifestyle you live If you are a rigorous student, this may seem like a walk in the park, and know that as much as you're gaining, you may lose some too. I'm not here to discourage you, but if you're working or have kids, you may want to take things into consideration. #4 Consider taking a class or two online This can go for the science class or if you're taking an easier class. I took my one of my science classes online along with Human Development and then I took English and Microbiology on campus. This can help a lot with the running around! #5 AP2 and Microbiology This combination can be done but at least 1/2 of the people I've known either dropped Micro or AP2. AP2 is more physiology based and requires learning in and out (because , you will see it again). There were people whom I've known that have passed as well but they literally lived at the library. References Is it a bad idea to take Microbiology and anatomy at the same time? 'How to get A'S in A&P and Microbiology' Youtube video...
  3. Hey 🙂, I am at community college. I took some of my classes during the evening which helped tremendously. Most of the people whom did it are out or god knows what. reporting and dismantling what the former college administrator tried to do. You definitely have to start writing articles you give good advice!
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    Video Game to help learn nursing

    Doctor's life is a good game , I use to play it in HS/early CC and it was fun to diagnose and treat patients.
  5. Although I'm awaiting my letter , most of my bullying was racial/relational aggression and verbal from the students and one administrator and gaslighting by others when I tried to get helped. At my CC I've had issues with two different groups of girls , in my first attempt at AP1 and then with one group the second. The first was the most traumatic but it made me stronger. I endured a lot of racial and relational aggression from a group of white girls and one Hispanic girl (if this causes offense I'm sorry , she thought she was white) , one of them blurted out my lowest grade and the Hispanic girl said how she wanted me to just go away. Literally just go away. There was a quite one but she usually said stuff when I wasn't around. Most of the bullying from them that was really hostile was pretty much enacted by the Hispanic Males in the group. Between the two they were a lot of eye rolls and snide crap being said , when reporting the first time I was actually told to adjust to what's going on. The next was a two mean girls (one you couldn't do better than her and the other was a lapdog) and a drug addicted girl ( all of whom looked down on me in one way or the other) , there was a mixed-race male in the group as well, this actually use to be a study group. One made racially insensitive comments about my hair and in class because I was the "only" girl of color I dealt with trying to say my cut in classes only to be circled out (they'd actually form a circle and push me out) . After an outside event they turned on me and the two groups actually merged , my instant shock served as a reaction which I regretted. the teacher was aware of the actions taking place and did nothing , I reported it to this woman and she laughed (but she was actually apart of it) , she attempted to gaslight me into saying it didn't happen (she literally did everything she could to cause me terror, even messing with my GPA). To say the least I've dropped the class and fell into a slump for a couple of weeks. The next attempt was with this opportunist girl , some girl whom was overly competitive and this pompous know it all guy. The girl at every turn tried to humiliate me and the guy would insult me and then run off , the opportunist girl just spread rumors. I was stoic during this attempt and they came on stronger , I had to report again and then I started noticing a pattern between this woman and the bullies , it's like they were placed there and when brought to her attention she tried to shush me quickly and even brought in others to do so. The guy died down and the girls tried to do more , an eye roll ended that! I ended up reporting the girls/guys and the woman in charge of orchestrating everything. But when you're in a position of power you can lie and manipulate your way through anything. The only affect that this has on me is that I sometimes get mad at myself and I will avoid certain people or areas that remind me of the first attempt situation. And also most bullies when alone don't even mess with you , if you have to attack in groups that's so freaking weak. To say the least , the lapdog left school shortly after , the one whom blurted out my lowest grade ( -_- ..LOL) had the lowest grade and left CC , the Hispanic girl is struggling like crazy and the guy is getting embarrassed to a pillar of salt. I only deal with one eccentric guy but that's it , the others can't even look at me. I know it's long but it feels good to release. @FullGlass Thank you so much for those tips , I can't wait to put them to use.
  6. I'm so sorry that you have gone through this , you seem like a sweet person and very capable of doing your job , the fact that they didn't help you said a whole lot , I understand the pressure of it all but they could've helped you. What you said about the young is true and I'm glad the nurse tech is getting her karma. Also with the PTSD , try to talk to someone if you can because the symptoms can be horrible. It's also awesome that you're in NP school ❤️❤️❤️ You are an inspiration
  7. Hello 🙂 I am so sorry about your situation. I believe certain schools have programs hat can help you out 🙂 also too I'd apply for scholarships as well. I wish you the best of luck ❤️
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    How to Deal with Opportunists in Pre-Reqs

    Also too from ear , a person told me calling them out helps as well too
  9. teach me #2 plz 🙂
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    Advice: Instructor used to be my nurse

    I would write this incident down and if it was repeated I'd report it , but I would also try to possibly tell her that it made you uncomfortable
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    Athens Tech Nursing 2021

    thanks 🙂
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    Athens Tech Nursing 2021

    congrats 🙂
  13. I wish I could give you a hug RN , no one deserves that. ❤️ please stay safe
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    Athens Tech Nursing 2021

    I just got off the phone she said give it two weeks , I can't wait any longer and congrats on you getting in 🙂
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    Athens Tech Nursing 2021

    Yeah , I'm waiting for my email to come LOL
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    Athens Tech Nursing 2021

    I'm currently waiting , I feel a bit sick to my stomach