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F2D2B0EF-994C-4DC4-BCC3-BC7B8180AB1F.thumb.jpeg.7c0ab672a62e8359c3f839340cc640ed.jpegMy name is Klori, I am recent graduate from LIU, former President of the Student Nurses’ Association. My passion is to be a NICU nurse, to help little humans grow! 
I am a girl with a big story, who lives a life full of lessons. I am passionate and driven to achieve every goal I set for myself. 

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  1. Hi Friends! I wanted to get on here and share with you how I studied for the NCLEX and passed it! I graduated in May 20th 2020 and took a month off from studying. I booked my NCLEX date for the 27th of July and started studying June 27th. FIRST THING I DID WAS got a piece of paper and wrote in big letters " KLORI RN"... that motivated me to get up and study. I studied 5 days out of the week for 6-8 hrs. First week I did Mark Klimek for those of you that don't know about him PLEASE LOOK HIM UP AND LISTEN TO HIS LECTURES! After doing Mark Klimek's lectures, I did the first assessment on UWorld. Then I looked at what I was weak on and focused on that first. My weak points were Peds and OB so I did 20 question quizzes on UWorld until I was actually learning and understanding the material. Once I felt good about peds and ob, I started doing 75 Q exams on UWorld tutor mode with all subjects and topics. The reason for that is because I wanted to train my brain in answering different questions back to back. Two weeks before my exam I cut my practice exams down to 60Qs since the new NCLEX has 60Qs minimum. So I did them without the tutor mode because I wanted to train my brain into answering questions without seeing if I got it right or wrong until the end that ways it doesn't boost or kill my confidence in answering the next question. BUT in every exam and quiz you take on UWOLRD make sure you are getting above the passing rate for that specific exam or quiz. Granted my scores were definitely not high but they were always above average. 5 days before my exam I took the second assessment on UWorld and it said I have a HIGH chance of passing not very high but just high. So the Friday before my exam I put everything away, I went to Central Park and relaxed in the sun, listened to music and obviously prayed LOL. When I went to the testing center I legit thought I was going to SHi** my pants that's how scared I was. I started crying before going into the testing room. This really sweet lady came up to me and put her hands on my shoulders gave me a pep talk and said go in there and kick *** LOL. So that's what I did, I sat for the test and I told myself "Okay Klori, the first question will be a passing level question, what you need to do is get it right, so take your time". Then every time I felt stuck or tired I paused and took a deep breath and said a quick "Hail Mary" and resumed. I probably had 30 SATA questions if not more. I was so tired by the time I reached question 105, then by the time I reached question 115 I had 40 min left and I thought I was going to run out of time. I ended up finishing the whole exam 130 questions!! I left the testing center sobbing on the phone with my sister, convinced that I had failed. 30 min after I got an email from Pearson saying that I completed the exam, that was my go to do the PV trick! and got the good pop up! which btw 100% works. 48hrs later I got my unofficial results and boom now I am a REGISTERED NURSE !! Also do not beat yourself up about this exam. You will never feel 100% prepared to take it. All you can do it study and go in there a try you best. It doesn't matter how many times you take it, all it matters is that you pass it whenever you do ! Be Positive! Give yourself a pep talk! UWorld & MARK KLIMEK= Successful Results!
  2. Klori

    New Grad Nurse

    Hi Lauren! I think you need to sit and make a check list of all the things you kept doing wrong both times you have been dismissed. You cannot enter another nursing program with 1. The same mentality, 2. The same bad habits. I want you to want this degree more than anything you’ve ever wanted! When you think about nursing you have to think about the people who are going to need you to be their voice. So you have to make sure you want this bad enough stand up for them. Do not set a time frame! Your goal should be to obtain a nursing degree!
  3. Klori

    New Grad Nurse

    Hii everyone!! please read my past posts that will give you my backstory on what happened to me during my first semester in nursing school. I hope this gives anyone who is the same position I was some kind of hope and strength to pull through. This week was my last week in nursing school and oh how emotional and proud I feel. I have finally, after soo many sleepless and painful nights achieved my BSN degree and I couldn’t be more proud. I just wanted to get on here and share with you that all things are possible! you just have to start truly believing them and pushing yourself to achieve them. My official graduation May 20th ! I’ll be back with a full story but until then I’m gonna go celebrate this chapter of my life! 😁👩🏼‍⚕️🎊🦋
  4. Klori

    Most of the class cheating??

    As frustrating as this is, you have to look at it like this.. Cheating won’t help you pass the NCLEX. Soo they’re doing themselves the disadvantage.
  5. Klori

    New Grad Nurse

    I was in the nursing program at Long Island University. I was struggling so much in the program and I ended up failing two classes with less than .4. I always wanted to go to New York University school of nursing, I understand it's a insanely expensive but I know the program is really good. However, I am afraid that they won't accept me because I was once dismissed. My gpa 3.2 even after the to bad grades I got after the program, I also got really good letters of recommendation from Nurse Practitioners at my job at New York Presbyterian and my pharmacology professor, I just hope it helps my chances in getting in the program at NYU for January. Has anyone gotten failed out of a nursing program and successfully got into another program and actually graduated?

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