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  1. This happened to me also. I got wrongfully dismissed from the nursing program because nursing dept said I failed 2 classes that I did not fail. I know I did not fail them because I got passing grades for both classes. I failed rotation because I took a picture of my mid semester evaluation which my instructor said constituted academic dishonesty which is not true according to handbook which says academic dishonesty is cheating, plagiarism, etc. Then, med surg lecture prof deliberately fudged my final grade. I got an 85 but she gave me a weighted grade of 77; meanwhile, other students got a total grade (total accrued points over total possible points. I have proof of this because my classmate sent me her grade. I appealed dismissal but dir of program did not follow procedure. I have a lawyer. This has been really hard to go through because I feel like my rotation instructor, chair, dir, lecture prof set me up. I guess they teach them how to be bullies to patients/students in nursing school. I am starting another nursing school next january but I have to start all over because they won't take any of my credits. I had 3 semesters left until I graduate. It sucks, but I have to do it if I want to be a nurse. What goes around comes around! 

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      You got this!!! 

      They’re going to pay for what they did to you. That is soo wrong!