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    Yeah I’ve probably taken 100 tests in the last several years or so. I’m very very careful about what I eat and drink but I’m always paranoid about a false positive. It hasn’t happened and I probably only got a few to go but the stress is constant. I can’t wait to get this out of my life. It’s almost impossible to prove a negative. I can’t prove that I don’t kill stray cats but I would never and don’t. I feel a false positive would kinda put you in the same position
  2. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Attn Florida IPN Nurses

    I’m getting towards the end of this poop show. I’m not thanking anybody for anything. I eat the poop pie but I ain’t gonna rave about the taste. I’ve seen not one good thing in my years exposure to this program. I won’t attest to anything else. I’d never do this again. I should have found a new line of work
  3. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Keto diet & pills on ca probation

    Wow I’ve been low carbing for about a year and lost a bunch of weight. I guess I intentionally increased my ketone level. It sure never got me high just hungry a lot. I’d be subject to discipline for going on the Atkins diet? Talk about overreaching fecal matter
  4. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Keto diet & pills on ca probation

    Amen hippie girl who really knows what’s in the supplements. I workout and drink protein powder but honestly I’ve been afraid of that
  5. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Fermented BCAA

    I don’t know what that is. I’m sure it’s probably fine but I’ve been very defensive during my time in this program. It I don’t know it won’t pop a false positive I don’t ingest it. At least I try to do this. I’ve had protein powder without incident
  6. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Keto diet & pills on ca probation

    Ha I would forgo the pills. False positives are no joke and could have a devastating effect. I’d rather take longer to lose the weight
  7. SpankedInPittsburgh


  8. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Recovery Trek options

    Hi all, Does anybody know what the different options for the pee test in recovery trek are? I almost always get option 3 and recently I got a different one that was way more expensive. I’m not personally worried because the only thing they will find in me is coffee and Diet Coke but my wallet hates it.
  9. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Does an attorney help against PHMP/PNAP?

    I wish I would have had one. I don’t know how much difference it would have made but regret not getting competent legal counsel
  10. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Pennsylvania RN with first dui help with PNAP

    Hi everyone I've been away from the forum for a few days so I apologize for the late response. I've been in PNAP for years now and I will tell you upfront I have nothing good to say about the program or experience so if you are looking for some "the program saved my life", born again, twelve step loving Pollyanna land nonsense skip this post. I will share my experience with you folks new to this purgatory because I've been where you are at. Ok first things first. This program is nonsense and of the many, many nurses I've met in the program exactly one might have been helped. This is an overbroad program that has two purposes. First to punish you. The worst enemy of a nurse is another nurse. We rejoice in seeing others fail and copious amount of pain inflicted upon them. PNAP was created by nurses to inflict pain on other nurses. Second purpose is to separate you and your insurance carrier from as much money as humanly possible. Contrary to the PNAP website this program is an economic disaster on anybody stuck in it. In my three plus years I figure between lost wages, copays and out of pocket expenses the program has cost me a little over $60k in my three plus years and my insurance many more thousands of dollars. Ok that's the reality. Why did I start with this monologue of doom? Because it's the simple truth and you need to accept it and not descend into self loathing. In short you don't have to love this poop sandwich but you got to eat it if you are gonna keep your license. The first year is the worst. You most likely won't be able to work until you do 90 idiotic 12 step meetings in 90 days. You also have to complete "treatment" which maybe in and or outpatient which in my case lasted four or five months and only stopped when my insurance company refused to pay for more. No working during this time of bleeding money coming from God knows where. When they let you go back to work you can't work in critical care, the er or anywhere without an on-site supervisor for a longer period of time of about a year. At this point most nurses who get gainful employment do so in long term care or dialysis. Most hate it but it keeps a roof over the head and food in the stomach. During this time you also have to attend "nurse support groups" at first weekly then every two weeks and finally monthly that you have to pay for. When you go to these meetings my advice is to sing the company song about how you love your new life, being sober, your sponsor. Blah blah blah.... Do not EVER share any real problems you maybe having staying sober because these meeting are not treatment and have no confidentiality in them. Don't worry these are annoying and mostly simple whining sessions but harmless if expensive. More tips. Once you have accepted the reality of the black hole you are in you have a simple choice. First you can tell the BON to pound their generous offer up their collective rear ends. This may sound like a foolhardy choice but the harsh truth is if will not or cannit comply completely for whatever reason you will not make it through. Can't afford your pee test? It's like in the movie goodfellas "blank u pay me", gonna get fired because u gotta go to treatment "blank u go". Well u get the idea. If you decide you are gonna do this the only way out is complete compliance. You can hate this programs and the "treatment professional" attached to it as I do but you need to stay under the radar and not miss or worse fail your pre test. Pay off the costs that you cannot afford and be vigilant daily about staying within the rules. Fail a pee test? You start at day one. I've seen this "three year" program take close to a decade. Finally it's not a three year program. It's more like a four year program because you are expected to comply immediately and completely. However the BON and the PNAP folks can take as long as they want to process and approve your paperwork. I truly wish you all luck. I'm not trying to scare anybody. I'm nothing special and I'm getting through this. You can also. It's miserable and nonsensical but if being a nurse is worth it to you (and it really better be worth it because this process will extract a bloody pound of flesh) then make the commitment and do it. Good luck all Spanked
  11. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Call to action! Nurses in Monitoring Programs

    Yeah I’m a lapsed Irish Catholic myself and myself have no use for religion. However there is much good in religious beliefs. That saying is one of them
  12. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Call to action! Nurses in Monitoring Programs

    The founders owned slaves and thought that allowing women to vote was a horrible idea also. Unfortunately marihuana laws are constitutional as they have been challenged in the courts plenty. They are just a stupid idea. The drug war got lost a long time ago. Anyway I don't think that anybody either in one of these hideous programs or out of them is going to argue that nurses should be allowed to work impaired. There should be restrictions and monitoring for such nurses to maintain patient safety. However such folks are the vast minority of the nurses in monitoring programs. I've met exactly one nurse in my years in monitoring who was impaired at work and stealing meds. The majority are nurses who failed a pee test (weed is the usual culprit) or got a DUI without even an allegation of being impaired at work. These programs have a place and so do second chances but not as constituted
  13. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Call to action! Nurses in Monitoring Programs

    Who are “they”? Is it any nurse that failed a random drug screen for weed in a state it’s legal? Is it the nurse with mental health issues who may have self medicated? Is it the nurse who got a dui on an off night? Is it the nurse whose ex said she had a substance abuse problem with no proof? Is it the nurse who self admitted to a detox program to get off of sleeping meds after years of working nights with no instanced at work?
  14. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Call to action! Nurses in Monitoring Programs

    Nurses are human. I think you will find the same percentage of them with human frailties as the rest of the public to include politicians, business folks, police officers .... and everyone else. We are supposed to be in the business of helping folks heal from affliction. Should that not count for our own? People make mistakes and simply throwing them away isn’t an answer especially for a profession whose cornerstone value is supposed to be compassion and caring
  15. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Lost New NP

    Thank you for asking and happy new year!!! I’m hanging in there. I’ve applied for a couple other jobs and am still waiting to hear. I go to work every day and give my best efforts but it’s very hard and I feel in a tough environment but I do my best. I wish you all a very happy new year
  16. SpankedInPittsburgh

    Are boundaries ok?

    Boundaries are absolutely necessary. If working 16 hours with a 2 hour commute is too much for you then don’t do it. Don’t make other people’s problems your problems. They are coworkers not friends and family. A friend would never asked you to wind up working and commuting 18 hours. Just say no

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