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  1. Rainbow_RN

    Is this hurting my resume?

    I'm in a similar boat. It helped to read through this thread. Thanks. 7:1 ratios are a lot for me to handle with 6 months'experience. I know of some nurses that transferred after 6 months. Perhaps you could transfer within your facility. Even still, I'm trying to hold out for my year at least. It's mentally taxing and I worry about mistakes all the time.
  2. Hey all, I have been at my job since July 2018. I am on a busy ortho/geriatric med/surg floor. I know some people have a more difficult time so I don't mean to complain. And I love my co-workers and patients. But my ratio is consistently 6:1 and up to 7:1 lately. I feel unsafe taking 7:1 but I've had to, due to either being the most experienced RN besides the supervisor or nobody else being able to pick up. I have had two coaching forms, which go on my file. One is for not following up a blood pressure and the other is for not removing a nicotine patch. I am worried about this paper trail. I'm not sure what these forms exactly entail but I feel like 2 is a lot & I'm making mistakes like this from being rushed or not sleeping. I have also forgotten to scan narcotics before administration once recently, and remembered hours later, which really worries me. For all I know they might drug test me for that (it will come up clean but still hate the thought of making mistakes like this). I don't know if I'm worrying too much or what. Normally our organization allows transfers after one year. I think it is one year from hire date, but it may be one year since I was assigned to the current floor. Rarely they will make exceptions. I'm told these "coaching" forms will not affect a transfer but I am unsure. I think I want to transfer to a different floor that I trained on at the beginning. (Edit: that floor is surgical & has a 5:1 ratio or rarely 6:1). I'm afraid I made the wrong choice..I only got 2 weeks per floor to decide. I don't think that's enough to really know what I wanted. Do you all think I should see if I can transfer early? I have extreme anxiety about going to work because I never know what I'm walking into. I lose sleep and then I make mistakes. I haven't eaten a full meal at work since orientation. Sometimes I don't even snack. I drink a lot of really strong energy drinks and I'm worn out. Please send advice. I need to know if these are real concerns or if I just need to suck it up. Thanks for reading if you got this far.
  3. Rainbow_RN

    What's next? I hate my job

    I'm a new grad with similar feelings. I think it just takes time to get your brain used to the new career. I'm told nobody has an easy first year. Even the first two years can be tough. Hang in there. You are not alone
  4. "The last new graduate nurse that dared to touch the doorknob snatched her hand back as if she got burned. Never seen anyone try it since. "