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  1. I am still waiting too, mine also says incomplete! I thought we were supposed to find out sooner than this...

    I did, too! I've found out from two other schools that had deadlines way way after UM's. USF told everyone within days. So it's crazy to me that this is taking so long. At this point I don't even know how they could possibly have seats left for the program.

  2. I'm still waiting as well. My status still says incomplete. I called a couple days ago and she said that once there is a decision it will show up in the messenger tab in the student center on canelink. She couldn't give me a time frame on when I would have a decision. It's crazy to me that this process is so dragged out, but there's nothing to do but keep waiting :/

  3. Hey guys, so for anyone who still hadn't received their letter I just got mine today for spring and I applied Aug. 5th so hopefully you're next if you were soon after me. Good luck everyone! I hope for the very best!

    Congrats! I applied late August. Hopefully I hear something soon!!

  4. Do they send out emails at random times or at 5:00pm?

    I don't know about the nursing program exactly, but if it helps at all I applied to their dental hygiene program a couple years ago and the email got sent out at 8:30 at night, so maybe that's the case with nursing as well.

  5. Did you receive an email that you were declined? I have not received any decision from them. By now should I assume I didn't get in.

    I am still waiting on a response as well, but I don't have my hopes up considering most of the seats have to be filled by now. They will have to tell us one way or the other if we are accepted or declined but it doesn't hurt to call to check on your status! I got an email on Tuesday that said my application is being reviewed so I'm sure they are sending out more decisions very soon!

  6. Hi guys! So I submitted my app the 20th of July and still haven't heard back. It was verified July 31st I believe. It still says incomplete on my canelink. Is anyone else's taking this long? I know it was delayed bc of the hurricane, but it looks like a lot of people who applied after me heard back already...

    I'm in the same boat as you. I applied on July 25th and it still says incomplete on my canelink. I called today and they said there are still seats available for the program and they are still working through applications. It's hard to be paitient for sure

  7. @chloec, have you heard anything back yet? Hoping good news is coming your way!

    No :( It still says incomplete on my account. I'm hoping good news is coming my way too! I'm just noticing that it says I'm applying for their "Undergraduate Nursing" program even though I applied for the ABSN through nursingCas so I'm confused. I'm gonna give them a call tomorrow. Congrats to you and everyone else. It is super exciting that you have been officially accepted!!

  8. Lol, well that excitement didnt last long! I checked back today and says my app is complete but I still need Letter of rec, College transcript, and College record. So I think there are still some bugs in the system.... Any luck with calling them chloec?

    Oh man, that's frustrating! You submitted all of that with nursing cas I'm assuming? Yes I called and they said that as long as everything was submitted correctly via nursing cas it doesn't really matter whether it says complete or incomplete, they are working as fast as they can to get through all of the apps and to just keep waiting :/ I'm so anxious to find out but I suppose I'll just keep waiting lol

  9. So I applied on 7/31 and my status just changed to complete but I never received an email saying my app was under review. just giving an update! crossing my fingers :)

    I applied on 7/25 and mine STILL says incomplete. Totally don't get it. Will probably call them tomorrow to get an update. Yay for you, hopefully that's a good sign that mine will change soon! good luck!!

  10. As I understand it, the section score is your individual adjusted score, which is your score weighted score when compared to others. The individual subscores are the straight questions _ou answered correctly. So while you answered 62.5 to 71.4% of the questions correctly, so do 55.3% of everyone taking the test. It is basically a curve based on historical values over many years of test taking. Hope that makes sense.

    Hmm, interesting! I guess that would explain it. Thank you for responding!

  11. So today I took the TEAS and got an overall score of 77.3 (Unfortunately the school I really want to apply to requires a 78, so that is a bummer).

    I was looking over my scores and my Science section just isn't adding up to me. My overall score is a 55.3, which obviously isn't great, but when I look at the drop down and it tells me my score per section I got:

    Human A + P: 62.5% correct

    Life + Physical Sciences: 62.5% correct

    Scientific Reasoning:71.4% correct

    HOW does this equal an overall science score of 55.3%???

    I called ATI and they do not discuss scores and told me to call the school, so I did and left a vm, but don't anticipate hearing back anytime today.

    I'm hoping someone can give me some clarity on how this is scored so I can understand better. I find it hard to believe that ATI would have a scoring error, but it just doesn't make any sense.

    Thank you for any help!!

  12. Hey Chloe! What number are you calling? I called today and after going through a bunch of options, just received a voicemail for the accelerated nursing program. I left a message about my incomplete status specifically saying I still needed my transcript, LOR, and college record and never heard back :(

    Hi Sarah! This is the number I have been calling 305-284-3666. It's listed on the bottom of the UM nursing page on their website. They usually pick up right away!! Good luck!

  13. Submitted the app July 22nd, it was verified Aug. 3. Ive heard people get responses relatively quickly, though

    Gotcha, so you're just 2 days ahead of me! I was verified on the 5th. I think they probably have more applications to go through right now than they did a few months ago so I'm planning on a longer wait time. I did call today to make sure that the "incomplete" status is normal and it is. She said it changes once they have loaded all of your information from NursingCas to canelink. I don't know if its just me, but any time I have called to talk to someone at UM, they are SO rude and not very helpful. She wouldn't give me a time-frame on when I might hear back. Annoying, but I'll just keep waiting. Good luck!


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