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  1. EvilNurse73

    Clinicals at UCO and OSU-OKC

    I graduated from UCO about 10 years ago so I'm sure things have changed since then. UCO is very demanding of your time. It is an excellent program though. My school schedule was booked mon-fri with classes, labs, clinicals, volunteer work and certain other stuff (meetings, etc) you had to go to. A lot of my clinicals were in the evening as well as during the day. My last semester we were doing 24-36 hours of clinicals a week plus lecture, etc. Needless to say I felt very prepared to start work as an RN when I graduated! I did work during school and was married with 2 small kids. We had ppl who worked full time but they worked evenings/nights/weekends (which is what I did - I had no choice lol). Good luck and I hope you find the best program for you! One last thing, after your first semester you can start working as an aide/tech in the hospital. These are great jobs for students because they are flexible with your school schedule and you learn a LOT of basic skills. After 2 semesters you can take the test too get your LPN license. So keep that in mind regarding work and school.
  2. EvilNurse73

    Medication disqualification

    You'll be fine. I also have BP, Anxiety disorder, and ADHD. I take Lamictal, Seroquel, klonopin and Adderall XR. I've been an RN for almost 10 years and it has never once caused problems with being employeed. I've done everything from ICU, PACU, psych and Home Health. If the employer does a drug test, I of course always test positive for benzos and amphetamines. They just require the prescribing Dr's name, pharmacy and prescription number to verify I'm actually prescribed these meds. My employer nor my nurse manager or co-workers know any of this. I do have FMLA to use just in case I need time off work. My symptoms are well controlled. But that doesn't mean I don't still struggle with depression and anxiety, but I'm still able to work. MANY nurses work with psych disorders - especially anxiety and depression! Your not the only one at all. Good luck and take care of yourself!
  3. EvilNurse73

    Just accepted school RN job in a huge school district!

    Thank you! Like any area of nursing, as you know, the 1st year at a new job is kinda stressful. That's been my experience. I never enjoy that part lol. You mentioned 1/2 year at your new job. Did you start in the middle of the school year?
  4. EvilNurse73

    Just accepted school RN job in a huge school district!

    Thank you very much for the welcome!
  5. And I'm thrilled! I've had my eye on school nursing since my clinical rotation in nursing school. I am so beyond burnt out in the hospital - so I took a 50% pay cut to leave. I'll survive right? Lol I wanted to say hello to everyone here! I'll be reading this entire forum over the next few weeks. The nurse I interviewed with gave me a wealth of information to start looking at - our state department of education, immunization requirements, community resources, etc. I'll be working in the largest school district in my state, with 71 schools and over 47,000 students. We rank the 47th lowest school district in the US. Huge homeless population, free lunch program is 100% (this was newly implemented and a good thing...all kids can eat). But our community is intensely involved in this district with volunteering, donations, etc. I will have my own school, which will be either a middle school or high school (my choice because that's the population I work with and enjoy). My background in nursing is PICU for 2 years and the last 8 years have been in child and adolescent psych. I will be orienting with an RN at her school for 1 week, then will be orienting at my school with an RN for a week. The nurses meet once a month. Policies and procedures are in place and easy to access. The computer program I'll be using is super easy. LPNs are 1:1 for chronic care patients. The nurses in this district stay, very low turnover (I always ask that question). Certain grade levels require hearing and vision screening. Since our schools have so many students each, I'll have about 5 other nurses come help, plus the nurses at the health department. Reading this board I felt I knew what questions to ask and what to look for. So thank you for that! I need to find my stethoscope. Any other supplies that *I* might want personally as a nurse in a school? I do need a bag I guess, medium size. I added that School Nursing book you all have mentioned in here. I'll get that if the school doesn't already have one. I'm excited to be here :)
  6. EvilNurse73

    If you could redo it....would you choose nursing?

    Overall no. BUT, I'm finally in an awesome, basically stress free nursing job now. It took me 9 years to get to this point and I had to take a 50% salary cut, but it's worth it. I had to take this job for my own mental health. I could not take another day in the hospital. I freaking hated it with a passion! So I got out. There's a nursing shortage for a reason.