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  1. Heartnurse76


    Why did you have to take your boards again? I'm confused.
  2. Heartnurse76


    Thank you!
  3. Heartnurse76


    I am seeing posts that have me wondering if hair dye is not going to be allowed under TPAPN and that has me slightly concerned. Also does anyone know if Botox or fillers are allowed or if this sends positive testing results under TPAPN? Ugh!!!
  4. Heartnurse76

    DFW dialysis nurses?

    Is there anyone here close to me in the Dallas/Ft Worth metro?
  5. Heartnurse76

    Job offer negotiations

    Thank you so very much and congrats to you! Hard work but so beneficial!
  6. Heartnurse76

    Looking for A Job!!!

    I just read in another thread that the UHS facility in Denton is stipulation friendly. Good luck
  7. Heartnurse76

    Job offer negotiations

    I am in the early phases of getting things lined up to petition for reinstatement. I'm fairly certain I will be ordered to do TPAPN and will have stipulations. My question is, does anyone feel the need to require a lesser salary as a result to help encourage a solid job offer or should I go in expecting the full amount I'd be entitled to, keeping in mind my previous experience and such? I want to make it lucrative and attractive for them to hire me without cutting myself short! Thank you
  8. Heartnurse76

    stipulations on license

    Does anyone have any info or idea who hires nurses with stipulations on their license? Thanks
  9. Heartnurse76

    DFW Dialysis Nurses

    Anyone here in the DFW area currently working at DaVita, Fresenius, or US Renal Care? Had some questions. I cannot inbox as I've not met my 15 post requirement yet so if you do please send an email or phone number so I can resond. Thank y'all!
  10. Heartnurse76

    tpapn nurse cant find work dfw area!

    Please share your TPAPN friendly employers as well if you would!
  11. Heartnurse76

    tpapn nurse cant find work dfw area!

    I would love to get info on the SNF younwirked for in Ft Worth that are TPAPN friendly please! Will be headed that way myself shortly
  12. Heartnurse76

    Grateful for job offer

    I may be sending you some questions as I work through the oricess in the same regional area as you if that's ok? Thank you for the info!
  13. Heartnurse76

    Tpapn jobs/ positive

    Thank you for the info!
  14. Heartnurse76

    Dallas/Ft Worth Job opportunities

    I am hoping to get a lawyer and begin the process of re-entering the field. Please donshare your informational if you would
  15. Heartnurse76


    I was told that once you pass your boards you never have to take them again even if your license has been disciplined? Am I missing something or was I misinformed? This was also a TX nurse
  16. Heartnurse76

    Looking for A Job!!!

    Try the areas that are the most in need. Will probably be some of the tougher areas many don't want to go to or even the float positions that go from center to center as needed. I figure I'm gonna have to get in there and sell myself when time comes so I plan on working it lol

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