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  1. krenee

    Any 22 weekers out there?

    We had 3 sets of 22 week twins last summer. One of each passed away and the other survived. One I honestly don't remember the outcome, one was a pretty poor outcome but survived. The third survived amazingly well. Either no or grade 1 head bleeds, no or minimal ROP. Went home on a cannula and is still on a cannula at 14 months but not much flow. She's crawling and smiles and seems sharp. She was a definite 22 weeker because she was IVF. She honestly changed my mind about resuscitating 22 weekers. Now I say give them a chance. See how they come out.
  2. krenee

    Line Changes

    Our central line changes are allegedly sterile, but since it's not a two-person system, it's really half-sterile, half-clean.
  3. krenee

    Isolette Practices

    I've worked in three NICUs of various levels, and for none of them was it a big deal to open the top. I do it rarely, but I don't think anything about it if it would make it easier to reposition an intubated kid or start an IV or something. And never would we put in a central line or intubate with the top down. There is a heat source, I don't see this as a tragedy if it's open for a bit.
  4. krenee

    Isolette Practices

    What do you even mean, 21 weeker? I've never seen one alive. Wow.
  5. krenee

    Isolette Practices

    What do you even mean, 21 weeker? I've never seen one alive! Wow.
  6. krenee

    Vacation time being denied

    Actually I still get notices via email when someone posts on my thread. My vacation was not approved, and I didn't go. I barely got so much as an apology. Basically I could have called out & taken my chances, but I had just recently started working in the NICU there and didn't think I'd get hired in another NICU without more experience. So I switched my cruise to the following spring break. If I had been in a better position professionally I might have gone anyway & taken my chances, but you'd have to be prepared that you can lose your job over it.
  7. krenee

    Level III to Level IV

    No, we don't do surgery or cooling, we ship them out. I'll get 8 weeks I'm told.
  8. krenee

    Level III to Level IV

    So I've now had experience in level II, and almost two years in level III. Just got hired in a level IV. When I went from II to III I had a rough transition - basically felt like I knew nothing and even the kids I thought I was capable to take care of, I sucked at. So I'm nervous . . . my question is, how hard of a transition should I expect? I know micropreemies now, but not surgical, nitric, or cooling. And I'm basically expecting more sick babies since this is the hospital they get shipped to from all around.
  9. krenee

    Really struggling with my transition to NICU

    Are you sleeping in the daytime? I work nights and I work 60 hours a week . . . everyone wants to know how I do it, and I tell them I sleep! 7-8 hours a day. I don't do anything when I work except eat, sleep, and go back to work. I also have a very understanding dh! If you need tips to sleep in the daytime, I have plenty. Good luck!
  10. krenee

    Long term effects of working night shifts

    I wish someone would do a study on whether the health risks of night shift still apply if one gets enough sleep. I hear all the scary stories about cancer, etc. due to shift work, but I wonder how much of that is due to sleep deprivation. I sleep very well and work nights and I feel fine . . . although I do hate that first day off!
  11. krenee

    And the award for most asked question goes to...

    We had a 23 weeker recently, and on his first day of life, his mom asked me, when will they feed him, and when can he come out of the isolette? Um, you mean IF he lives??? The circ question drives me crazy . . . when are you going to circ him? I always feel like they're worried we won't. Before discharge, absolutely. And the blood type question . . . I want to know why non-medical people are so worried about the blood type? Heck, I can't even remember my own blood type, much less my kids'.
  12. krenee

    My first case of NEC

    My first NEC case was recently as well . . . ex 26 weeker who was 40 days old, on full feeds and had never had any problems tolerating the feeds. I'd had her many times before. First hands on she was fine. Second hands on she had had some emesis, fairly large residual (about half her feed), and increased girth and questionably firm abdomen. I called the Dr, she was made NPO and we drew labs & got a KUB, which the Dr. thought looked OK. Her CRP came back 14 so we started triple antibiotics. Her H&H were low, her platelets were 26. Next hands on her girth was increased and abdomen definitely firm, I got about a 9 cc residual of brown yuckiness, and there was stool with blood. Drew more labs, and her K+ was high, her Sodium was low. Her output was about nothing. She was a sick little baby . . . She got platelets & then rbcs, follow up KUB and shipped out to a higher level NICU because we don't do surgery. It was amazing to me how she went from "fine" to critical over a 12 hr shift. I did, however, felt like I did everything right . . . let the Dr. know as soon as she was questionable. Word is she's doing OK. NEC is scary!
  13. krenee

    Yo night nurses

    I do stay up the night before my first night shift . . . I used to do housework when I was new and ambitious . Now I mostly catch up on my TV shows! I do usually go to the gym around 10pm and the grocery store at 11pm because they close at midnight. So by the time I finish with all that it's pretty late anyway.
  14. krenee

    BE CAREFUL on social networks

    I got in trouble at work over a facebook post. And yes, my page is very private, and yes it was a co-worker "friend" who ratted me out (she's now BLOCKED on my facebook). My post was referencing something I was really ticked at my manager about, and it was VERY vague - didn't say my manager, didn't even say work, and could have been interpreted a million ways, so I don't think they could have fired me if they had pursued it. However - lesson learned, and my relationship with my manager will never be the same. It's sad we have to censor ourselves so carefully in this lawsuit-happy age. Anyway - I never heeded the warnings because "my page is private". Lesson learned the hard way!
  15. krenee

    number of IV starts

    I work at two hospitals. First one is a smaller level II NICU and the RNs get 2 sticks apiece. There are usually only two RNs working. Then we call the NNP. There doesn't appear to be a rule about how many times the NNP can try, and I've seen kids get stuck WAY too many times. PICCs are greatly under-used in this NICU in my opinion. My other hospital is a level III and when I asked how many tries we get, I was told "until we get it". PICCs also under-used in this facility. But the RNs seem to be better at it, probably due to the micro-preemies and such that we get, so the kids don't as often seem to be "tortured". I think it's a good idea to come up with a policy and I may suggest it myself.
  16. krenee

    How to become an RNC

    I just reached my 2 yrs of experience. Thanks for the information, looking it up now!