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  1. Lhalty

    Current Nursing Student - Just Got DUI

  2. Lhalty

    Low GPA nursing programs

  3. Lhalty

    Low stats want to get into absn program

    Bellarmine University in Ky. They take anyone but very high rate of students switching to two year program instead of the one year.
  4. Lhalty

    Licensure with a criminal history?

    Yes it does. The question is on the application itself
  5. Lhalty

    Licensure with a criminal history?

    The application for licensure by examination will ask you ( have you ever been convicted.....) the answer to your questions are on the application for license. http://www.nursing.ohio.gov/PDFS/Forms/Samples/NursingLicenseByExaminationApp.pdf
  6. Lhalty

    Bellarmine 2018

    Did I apply for any other programs. 85% is very high rate and I highly doubt that 85% is due to petting or working. Something that's sound right about this.
  7. Lhalty

    USPHS/CC vs. Civil Service

    I am not sure you will get dual BAH. Only The highest ranking spouse get the BAH with dependent rate. But you should double check on that.
  8. Hondros does not have the accreditation requirements to transfer anywhere else. They are not regional accredited
  9. Lhalty

    Bellarmine 2018

    I am in Ohio and I was worried about the high drop out rate too. I am applying for other schools in the area just In case. If I don't get accepted in any other programs At least I have a guaranteed spot in Bellarmine. I am still waiting on Xavier Un...
  10. Lhalty

    May 2018 Accelerated BSN one year at Bellarmine

    I am in same boat as you. I applied last week and just received my conditional acceptance today.
  11. Lhalty

    Bellarmine Ky 2018 absn

    Hi, everyone! I've been accepted to Bellarmine ABSN for May 2018. Has anyone else here applied?
  12. Lhalty

    Bellarmine 2018

    Hi, everyone! I've been accepted to Bellarmine ABSN for May 2018. Has anyone else here applied?
  13. U need to check with your nursing program and their policy. My program accept DUI if it's the only offense and it's older than 3 years. Another nursing program in my area won't accept any type of offenses regardless
  14. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush
  15. Lhalty

    bad gpa but so eager to be an RN

    What's your gpa? What s your state? Are willing to relocate?
  16. Lhalty

    Intro to Bio and A&P1

    I took bio 20 years ago and I just finished my a&p With anA. Bio will take away precious time and energy that should be invested in a&p. In my opinion TAking BIo along a&p is counterproductive. Some student find a&p hard but the more ...