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Montelukast has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Dialysis.

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  1. Montelukast

    Houston Nurse Residency Spring 2021

    Does anyone know how the schedule will look like for MH residency? (MH Sugarland PACU) I am currently a dialysis RN so basically wondering what kind of schedule I am getting into. TIA!
  2. Montelukast

    Contacting Texas BON

    When I received my tx license it took about 24 hrs till nursys was updated.
  3. Montelukast

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    What I did was I went ahead and paid. Called NY to let them know my education has been approved and that I wanted to know the current status. They asked if I Already paid and I told them yes. They then told me to give them Atleast a week or 2 to finish everything. No problem always down to share info.
  4. Montelukast

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    @Seau Yin Chong Good morning. I’d go ahead and pay Pearson vue. That is what I did. I paid first then I waited for my ATT. I believe I got it within 2 weeks.
  5. @sadanddepressed You’ll get it next time. Just don’t give up! My results should be in around 3pm central. I’m just not stressing about it anymore. If I pass I pass and if I fail I fail.. all I know is that if I failed and I reached 130 that means I was close.. And the next time I’ll def get it!
  6. Montelukast

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    @Seau Yin Chong LOL its all good. philippine graduate 2016 w/o experience. I am currently working in Dialysis as a patient care technician.
  7. Montelukast

    Test shut off at 60, "Bad Pop-Up".... Still Passed

    CONGRATS! Just wondering What was the exact pop up you got?
  8. Montelukast


    If you don't mind me asking what were your avg qbank scores on UWorld?
  9. Montelukast

    UWorld VS Kaplan VS ATI

    I am also reviewing to take my NCLEX. I've only used UWorld (1 Yr) and Nurseachieve (30 day free trial) UWorld is amazing. My Q Bank averages were very similar to yours. Rationales were perfect. Nurseachieve has CAT exams as well which I really liked. I recommend reading NCLEX Review Made Simple by Paul K. Addae, RN. Best of luck to you!
  10. Montelukast

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    @PediaNurse I am in the same boat as you. I just received a response from ny bon saying that my files have been sent to COMPED. Comped is either going to take longer or speed up reviewing our documents due to the COVID19.