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  1. I am from Canada and our accelerated BSN programs are 2 years. Sometimes they are 2 consecutive years (no break) and other times there may be like one 3 month break (so 18 months total). I am just curious how long they are in the states because I heard they are only a year long? THanks!
  2. Raven1994

    I just failed out ! HELP !

    WHY did you fail for the second time, though? Ask yourself this question and dig deep to discover the exact reasons that lead you to fail. Before you think about applying somewhere else, make sure you know the answer to that.
  3. Raven1994

    Will having a BA hurt being hired as an LPN?

    No. If anything, it will expand your opportunities. Having both a BA and an LPN could make you qualified to pursue healthcare research or more "behind the scenes" work in healthcare :)
  4. Thanks! But I plan on doing an accelerated BSN which is only 2 years.
  5. Raven1994

    Thoughts on 1st semester.

    Are you in an accelerated program? An LPN? A 4-year BSN?
  6. Hi, I am a pre-nursing student that is just about to graduate from my first bachelor's degree. During my undergrad I was fortunate to have participated on multiple research projects. A paper that I co-authored is about to be published in the BMJ. I focused my undergrad on research since I was first considering doing a research-related masters degree. Anyways, after I finish my accelerated nursing degree and work as a nurse, I am wondering if publishing more research would be a very real possibility to pursue as a nurse? Thanks!
  7. Raven1994

    NEED HELP! I want to become a Nurse.

    Oh sorry, yeah should have been more clear. I mean I am torn between pursuing EITHER an MPH or a BSN (not both). I mean, I may pursue both eventually who knows. But I meant right now I am going to choose one and I am torn between which degree to go for.
  8. Raven1994

    Low GPA? Very discouraged

    Depends on what you define as "low" and if the school requires any supplementary application (i.e., experience, resume). If your GPA is below the minimum cutoff they will not look at your application. Well, that's what I've been told by someone I know who works on the admissions committee. If your GPA is slightly above the cutoff you can still get in if you have tons of experience and knock them away from your supplemental application. You can take extra courses to upgrade your GPA.
  9. Raven1994

    NEED HELP! I want to become a Nurse.

    In order to be a nurse, you need to have a BSN/ADN (Although I STRONGLY recommend going right for the BSN). But do you want to get another degree ontop of the BSN? Then maybe get a degree that can compliment it. So a degree in global health, biology, bioethics, pharmacology, physiology, etc would all be great choices. Psychology and sociology would all be good choices as well!! Here's my story (I'll keep it short!): I am just about to graduate from University next month with a BA in Health Science, Bioethics, and Environmental Biology from a very good (and HARD!) school. I volunteered at a pediatric hospital for 3 years during school where I worked with nurses to help them and met with children. I also worked on several research projects while there. I also worked on 2 disease-related research projects with the government (one may be published soon). I also worked on health-related student organizations and conferences. This is all while I was working on my undergrad and I just finished my courses a month ago! Yay! But now I would like to either do a Masters of Public health OR an ACCELERATED BSN program (which could be an option for you!). I'm still torn between which to do. An accelerated program is basically 2 consequtive years of study but you get the exact same degree as a 4-year program. The only catch is you already have to have an undergraduate degree (or almost be done one). So if you want to get a degree, then get any degree that interests you and you can apply for an accelerated BSN :) I would recommend volunteering at some hospitals. I've volunteered at 2 hospitals. One was a small community hospital where I was basically an orderly and it was SO BORING. But then I volunteered at one of the biggest hospitals in the country and I had so many roles in several units at that hospital there was never a dull moment! So I suggest volunteering.
  10. Hello, I will keep this short and simple. I will graduate university next month (BA) with a good GPA. Throughout university I've wanted to get an MPH (Masters Public Health) afterwards. So I have been gearing all of my extra-curriculars towards that. I have worked in various roles (volunteer) in 5 units at 2 hospitals. I focused a lot of my time outside of school on research. I worked on 3 projects at a teaching hospital and 2 other projects with a couple of professors at the government. These professors know that my goal is an MPH and have awesome connections to get me into an MPH. However, over the past couple of months I have been seriously considering going to an accelerated program for a BSN. My ultimate goal is to get a masters to become an NP now. I have A LOT of interest in medicine and learning about diseases and different conditions which has lead me to seriously consider becoming an RN. I have done epidemiological projects which were interesting, and I love research and will always pursue research, but I can't imagine doing only that forever. If I choose nursing, I almost feel like all this research I worked so hard towards as an undergrad is now useless (except for giving me great references) and I almost feel like slightly disappointing my supervisors (even though they are super nice!). I just love learning about medicine, diseases, and pathology. What should I do???!! I am so frustrated at the moment, I'm torn.
  11. Raven1994

    Should I try nursing again?

    If you think you've identified the issues, and are sure you will succeed the next time around and this is really what you're passionate about, then by all means give it another go! But only if you're sure. I am actually also planning to pursue an accelerated BSN and am very excited / nervous. But you must keep in mind that these programs are extremely competitive to get into. You usually need a high GPA in your undergrad degree. Most require a 3.0 as the bare minimum but successful applicants usually have 3.5+. So keep that in mind too.
  12. It's expensive if you study in another country. In Canada, international students pay about 30, 000 dollars a year for tuition. Colleges are less expensive, but international students would still pay about 20k a year. But most BSN programs in Canada are at universities (more expensive). So you could get your degree where you live than apply for immigration to immigrate to another country. Or you could immigrate to another country, spend years here (legally), apply for citizenship, and then get your degree here. Sorry, but I agree with other posts in that your best option is to get your degree back at home :/ Plus, BSN programs in Canada are EXTREMELY competitive since there are less schools in Canada and the great majority of BSN programs are in universities. Our colleges (equivalent to US community colleges) do not usually have BSN programs. Thus the programs are both competitive and expensive. Most of the programs state on their website that they put preference towards Canadian citizens.
  13. Raven1994

    Accredited vs not accredited programs?

    Non-accredited institutions are often not recognized by employers or subsequent educational institutions (ie if you're applying for a bachelor's or a master's/PhD). So if you go to a non-accredited university/college you may have a hard time advancing your career or education goals. So when you apply to your ADN school, MAKE SURE that it's accredited! In my experience, most schools are accredited but make sure you check so you don't waste money.
  14. Raven1994

    Advice for Biology Graduate

    The only issue with a PA program is that you have less room for advancement. In the nursing field, there are many further degrees that you can pursue (Masters to become an NP and a doctorate in order to become a PI in research). There are also many many areas that you can specialize in by pursuing additional certificates and shorter programs. You can also become a nurse anesthesist by pursuing a certificate after your masters and earn upwards of 200k a year. Although I have also considered PA, it just seems like nursing is a much wider field to pursue with many more opportunities.
  15. Is this for an accelerated nursing program or something? I know that most people who want to get into an accelerated BSN in Canada who are missing their A&P re-requisite get it online through Athabasca University. It is transferrble to most accelerated BSNs I looked at. If you sign up today or tomorrow, you can start the course on June 1st. Otherwise, you have to wait until July 1st. The course is a full year course and is designed to take you 8 months but many people do it in less time.
  16. Raven1994

    Advice for Biology Graduate

    I have very similar goals to yours! I just finished my undergraduate degree in health sciences and will graduate in June. I will be applying to a BSN program at the end of the year (there are no ADN programs in the country I live in - Canada -). I ultimately plan to become an NP, as well, and will apply for a masters after working as a nurse for a couple years :) Your GPA is a bit low, but you can always take extra courses to increase it! Is nursing a good idea? I think it is. Just because you have a BSN, doesn't mean you HAVE to act as a clinical RN. You are doing research right now? You will still have that option after you get your BSN if you choose to go back to that. You can be in case management, do nursing research, be a clinic coordinator, etc. There are many options for you! If you want to become an NP, most masters programs require a good GPA in your BSN. So I would suggest looking at your study habits and how you can improve to ensure a good GPA in nursing school :)