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  1. smudges.blips

    Health Curriculum

    We are looking to improve the overall health and wellness education at our school next year (K-6) and finding ways to incorporate it into the classrooms. Wondering what other schools are doing? Who is responsible for making sure students are educated on hand washing, safety, hygiene, nutrition, reading food labels, etc.? Who does the teaching? Do you follow a curriculum or is it something you created yourselves? We have come to realize no one really knows what anyone else is doing and as we see staff change grades or are replaced we lose what we did have going. Would like to see something more concrete- KG covers x,y,z then in 1st it's a & b, etc. Any ideas would help!
  2. smudges.blips

    Switch to elementary?

    I do k-6 and LOVE it! So many hugs and laughs. Not to say there aren't frustrations... Screenings are pretty breezy, actually. We get a few parent volunteers to help move students back and forth from the rooms and do vision screening. Took about 2 full days. Even in k-6th there are a lot of "big kid" issues, the ever fun puberty/hygiene talk, and the kids can be a bit more "needing" but they are excellent at making me feel appreciated and loved.
  3. smudges.blips

    Would you pray with a student?

    So for those of you still following, my student (you know, the one who voluntarily told me she was a Christian before I said anything) is doing much better. She came to my office to tell me she was baptized last week! I let her know that she is welcome to come down anytime she needs to talk or needs a private time to pray. Loved the suggestions about allowing her to lead and simply being with her through this. On a side note, I work at a school with a large Muslim population and we do speak about religion whenever they bring it up. I am always a listening ear and try to be encouraging during Ramadan when there are headaches and stomachaches galore, when students have expressed their fear with reaching the age of accountability I listen, and 2 yrs ago when a Muslim student came to me saying he felt like demons were targeting him and he was fearful I found on of our Muslim Paras to pray the Quran with him (with his permission of course). My job as a nurse is to provide the best whole person care possible; as a Christian I do not aim to convert anyone, but if God puts the opportunity in front of me I obey- and I pray. I pray for all of them because I love them no matter their culture or religion.
  4. smudges.blips

    How to spot fakers and send them to class quickly?

    I wholeheartedly agree! This is a valuable life lesson- are you not feeling 100% or are you truly ill? I have delegated Vaseline out to the teaching staff for chapped lips- all of them have a small container and a supply of q-tips; they were unsure at first but once they saw how it kept kids in class they were all on board. They also have bags of bandaids for paper cuts and other small owies (like the invisible kind). If they aren't seen, then I don't have to document or call I do have coloring books- but that is for the rare time I have a sick kid for 1+ waiting for a parent. Our passes have a spot where I can mark "come back in 20 min" if I'm busy, and many of them never do because whatever little ailment there was they have since forgotten about. As far as screenings go, can you enlist some parent volunteers or some nursing students from a nearby school? That's what we did and were done in 2 days! It was amazing. Then I just had to take care of the few rescreens or absent kiddos. Good luck...
  5. smudges.blips

    Would you pray with a student?

    I have a 5th grade student who came to me last week that I ended up making a child abuse report on. Today, she came to me and informed me that her "safe" caregiver has been removed from the house and is currently hospitalized (unrelated) and is possibly in a coma. She has mentioned her faith a number of times to me and what a comfort it is. I am also a Christian. I have told her that I am praying for her and for her situation, but believe that encouraging her spiritually as well as taking some private time to pray with her at school would be of help to her physically, spiritually, and emotionally. She has been missing quite a bit of class time due to her emotional state. I know that this is not legal. But for my Christian nurses: Where does our requirement to follow worldly laws end and our commitment to our patient and to God begin? Would you or do you pray with your students if requested or encourage them spiritually when necessary?
  6. smudges.blips

    The Not So "Nursey" Things...

    4th grader: "I'm sweating" Me: "Where are you coming from?" 4th grader: "Gym" Who gave this kid a pass?
  7. smudges.blips

    Just a pill pusher...

    At least, that's what my Admin team thinks I am. We have new administration this year and there is no support of any health and wellness activities. Our grades 3-6 have gym class once every three days and I've even been banned from sending out newsletters on topics like Signs of Depression in Children. UGH! I LOVE the kids (and the hours ), but I have a hard time just sitting here day after day and only handing out pills and inhalers. I tried talking to Admin respectfully but was told that I was being "condescending" and that they "know all this already, after all they have been doing this for nearly 20 years...)". Our RN is a contract only employee so her involvement is very little. Is it time to move on or do you have tips for affecting change without having to involve admin?
  8. smudges.blips

    Should I Apply?

    I'm an LPN in MN and this is fairly comparable to what I started at- a BIG pay cut from my hospital and PDN salaries. Why would you take it? How about having summers, holidays, weekends free with your kids! As a mother of two and an LPN for nearly 19 years working in a school has been one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs I've had and has also allowed me to be a present and involved mother as well as giving me insight into the educational system which only betters my role for my children . I hope you get it!!
  9. smudges.blips

    Ethical delema

    I am going to disagree with the majority of the advice here. As a future nurse I think it is your responsibility to make sure that this does not happen to any future patients despite what may happen to you personally. As a nurse this is part of the job. You need to get used to speaking up in difficult situations. You will run into doctors that you need to question. You may run into coworkers that you may need to call into question. You have to be prepared to do this for the patient safety. The patient comes first always. This isn't a personal thing against your instructor it's a safety issue, cut and dry. This should be reported to whom ever is head of your instructor.
  10. smudges.blips


    First, NOT "understandably so". Tattoos have no affect on your ability to do an amazing job every day and that this is still an issue is ridiculous. I'll stop there but could go on for days... I also have a tattoo on my inner wrist and when I Had less tattoos I could cover and chose to cover it I would wear a wide-band watch. While it doesn't completely cover it someone usually needs to look awfully hard to see it. By the time they notice, my smile and professional bedside manner have assuaged any fears or other hesitations.
  11. smudges.blips

    Scrubs or Clothes?

    Just curious what the majority of nurses in the school health office are wearing- scrubs, business casual, professional, lab coat? Im torn between comfort of scrubs and not worrying about bodily fluids vs. business casual being less scary to my elementary kids (and more fashionable as I like cute (yet practical) things).
  12. smudges.blips

    Need Your Input School Nurses

    No assumptions is important. Never assume that the student is acting the same in the classroom as in your office; lots of times I have a child who has been teary in class but comes down to the office and is shy enough that there really quiet and don't seem to be in that much distress. Never assume the know the difference between communicable illness symptoms and non-contagious things like reflux: to them vomiting is vomiting. If they're willing take the time to explain and teach as you would a parent. Usually simple communication is the issue. When I have a particularly difficult teacher who continues to send me a student or fights me on something I will take the time to call a parent, explain the situation and my assessment, and let them make the call of how the issue should be handled (unless it's completely ridiculous). If the parent says that the student with the headache or who sleepy or whatever needs to stay in school then ase closed and you're no longer responsible and the student knows they canno longer come down, if they pick them up then no more visits and you build some trust with the teacher.
  13. smudges.blips

    Back to school time!

    Hugs & high-fives
  14. smudges.blips

    Office Revamp- EpiPens

    I'm revamping my office a bit this year and I am looking for a new way to store EpiPens. Anticipating less than 10 students. I would like them to be easily accessible to grab and go in an emergency, but also to allow those students some privacy. What do you do in your office?
  15. smudges.blips

    How do I answer this question in an interview?

    When do you expect to hear where you'll end up.
  16. smudges.blips

    Epi Pen Organization

    In case you weren't aware- Mylan gives epi-pens + epi-pen Jrs. to schools for free! That is how we got our stock supply. They give a twin pack of each and training info, as well as a big yellow case they can be stored in and wall mounted. If you end up using one you go to their site, fill out the paperwork and they send you another for free. As they outdate annually you just go and ask for new ones. Super simple. We keep them in the health office and one set in my ER Backpack that I can run with. They are only kept in the classroom for our kids with super severe allergies and this one is provided by the parent. For field trips we require that parents provide one to take with; if they absolutely can't or forget, I send one with. It is very seldom that we have multiple kids/grades with allergies going to different sites during a day. For the Epi-Pens for schools program check out here: EpiPen® (epinephrine injection, USP) and EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine injection, USP) Auto-Injectors