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  1. idk_futurecrna

    CRNA school admission

    Thanks for responding! I do appreciate your perspective and I definitely don't feel like I know everything there is to know in the ICU, but I do come home from every shift and study the patho of my patients. I look up the mechanism of actions for the drugs and drips that they are on and make sure I have a full clinical picture of them. Because of this, I feel that I've excelled far past the other nurses who were on orientation with me! I graduated nursing school and came into a SICU with the intentions of applying to CRNA school, so I have tried my best to make this quality experience. That being said, I completely hear you. I decided only to apply to my first choice school this year because by the time of the programs start I will have 2 years. If I get in, then I'm taking it as "a sign" and going to put my work in and continue to make the most out of my experience. But if not, I will wait till next year and apply to all of the schools on my list and have 3 years by the time I enter a program. All of that being said, in your experience as a clinical coordinator, what experiences/roles/extracurricular things outside of the unit makes a candidate stand out? So far my *stand out* feat. is that I've presented undergraduate research at my states association of nurse anesthetist conference. Besides that I graduated with a 3.78 GPA, 3.84 Science. I'm currently on a SICU at a level 1 trauma university hospital, I have my CCRN, and im preparing for GRE... Is there anything you would recommend, outside of more experience, to strengthen my application for when the time does come for me to apply?
  2. idk_futurecrna

    CRNA school admission

    Hi! Im planning to apply to CRNA school just as I approach my 1 year in the ICU. I have taken my CCRN and am preparing to take my GRE (and hopefully will get over a 300). What other extracurriculars/activites can I do to boost my resume? In my ICU its a pretty strict 5 year rule for being charge and our committees are almost impossible to join (strict membership, spots rarely open, but there is a waitlist for when they do). Thanks for any recommendations!
  3. idk_futurecrna

    ODU CRNA Program OChem?

    Hi! Current/Past ODU DNP students, did you have to take O Chem prior to applying for the program? I took gen chem in undergrad but I am worried that Ill have to take Organic/Biochem prior to admission into the program. Did you have to take it? Or were you able to get in with a gen chem?
  4. idk_futurecrna

    Value in dual CRNA/NP certification?

    Hi everyone! I am currently an ICU nurse planning to go to CRNA school. I've wanted to be a CRNA since I discovered the career path in nursing school. That being said, I recently discovered the non-surgical pain management specialty within the CRNA field and I am VERY interested. I know that this is a newer field and very few CRNAs are certified, but it is something I'm very passionate about. I'd love to eventually work in pain management to offer treatment for chronic pain outside of narcotics/"pill mills". Which ultimately brings me to my question, would there be any value in going on to get my NP license after CRNA school? I am thinking that NPs have more of a prescriptive authority so I would be able to work in a clinic and help prescribe/administer pain management treatments. That being said, I am not sure how long/how much it would cost to get an NP license post-DNP, CRNA. Additionally, I still don't want to give up traditional hospital/surgical anesthesia right away, so I'd likely be working in pain management on the side while primarily working in a hospital setting for a while. Eventually, I plan to focus on pain management full-time, but I want to be well-rounded in anesthesia and have the experience of working in a hospital CRNA capacity for a while before completely specializing... Please let me know any opinions/considerations for this path! Has anyone gotten dual certified as a CRNA/NP? How do you utilize your certifications/scope of practice? Thanks so much.
  5. idk_futurecrna

    New Grad during COVID-19?

    Hey everyone! Any new grads noticing start dates being pushed back or orientation cancelled due to COVID? I am scheduled to start my job in August and I am worried that the COVID pandemic may push back my start, since it may be an unwise use of resources to utilize experienced nurses to orient new grads while a global pandemic is occurring. While I understand, I can't help but be bummed! Has anyone heard anything from their hospitals? Are most hospitals doing this?
  6. Hey everyone, I'm set to graduate with my BSN, RN in May of 2020. It feels so close but SO far away. I was wondering when I should start submitting applications for RN positions? I know there will be a TON of new grads in May and I don't want to be too late in the game to land a good position. That being said, I do hope to go to CRNA school in the future and would love to get into an ICU. Obviously, it's not likely for me to land a position in the ICU right out of nursing school- but is it worth a shot? or should I try on a step-down unit and transfer after a year?