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GetBackToClassRN has 15 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics, Hematology Oncology, School Nurse.

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  1. GetBackToClassRN

    C'Mon Now!

    I had a kid bring me her birthday crown yesterday because it had ripped. Taped it right back up. This school is so lucky to have a full-time nurse to handle such emergencies!
  2. GetBackToClassRN

    Happy School Nurse Day!

    My oldest daughter (5th grader at the same school as me) even said the other day, "That's so dumb. Why is nurses week the same as teacher appreciation week???" I explained that it's a national thing, not just our school choosing the weeks. She is a little bummed that I don't get as much love and recognition as the teachers, but I told her it was fine. Appreciation is GREAT, but that's not necessarily why most of us became nurses so we just push on and really appreciate whenever we are recognized. 🙂
  3. GetBackToClassRN

    Does anyone else get emotionally exhausted from this job?

    Yesss! So much validation in this thread! I love it!
  4. GetBackToClassRN

    I’ve hit a new low...

    I'm in a K-5 school and too afraid to put anything other than plain ice in the baggies. I swear some of these little lovelies come to get ice just so they can eat it. <huge eye roll>
  5. GetBackToClassRN

    Valuing each other's time

    46 days left here! Whoop whoop!
  6. GetBackToClassRN

    What's the oddest thing you've done for a student?

    -A couple girls at lunch decided to wad up the wax covering from a Babybel cheese into a sticky ball, then one girl thought it would be funny to stick it in the other girl's hair. Uh, no! That was a joy to try to remove and we ended up just calling the parent, because the waxy mess caused a huge ugly clumpy red knot in her hair.
  7. GetBackToClassRN

    School Title

    My own 2 kids were students at the school before I started working here as a nurse. I was very active in PTA at that point. Most of the students knew me as Ms. "firstname" from PTA and from my daughters dance studio. After 3 years here as the nurse, some students call me Nurse "firstname" and some call me Ms. "firstname" still. I don't mind either. There are a couple teachers that call me Mrs. "lastname" and that's fine too. I don't really mind as long as people are respectful. I just don't appreciate when students walk in and start with "Hey, I need ice (or whatever it is they WANT)" And then there is one super sweet kiddo that calls me Nurse Koala, because he tried to read my name and that's what he came up with. That's my favorite! 🙂
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  9. GetBackToClassRN


    One more full day for us tomorrow! I hope everyone has a wonderful winter break!!!
  10. GetBackToClassRN

    Bug spray at school?

    What is your school district policy on students having bug spray or other insect repellent at school? Elementary (K-5 school).
  11. GetBackToClassRN

    Allergy Concerns

    We have a designated "allergy table" where students are not allowed to have anything with the top food allergens. However, we leave it up to parent discretion if they expect their child with allergies to sit there. Most parents choose to allow the student to sit with their own class and just take extra care about who they sit next to and what they touch.
  12. GetBackToClassRN


    In my school district, ALL medications are required to be in a locked cabinet. The front office assistants have a set of keys to the medication cabinets since they are trained to given medications in my absence. The only exception is if a student has permission to self-carry their medications and then they are responsible to keep it secured in their backpack/purse/lunchbox (only Epi, Inhalers, Diabetic supplies, or oral enzymes can be self-carried with a physician and parent signature to do so).
  13. In our school district, students are only permitted (with physician, parent, and student signature) to self-carry Asthma Inhalers, Diabetic Supplies and medications, Ephinephrine, and Pancreatic Enzymes). My question is regarding the fact that some students have allergy plans from their physicians that indicate, if it appears to be a minor reaction like just a few hives, to give Benadryl or another antihistamine before giving Epinephrine. I understand the controversy over this issue as a lot of people have strong feelings that Epinephrine should always be given right away no matter how the reaction starts and others are more conservative about using the Epinephrine. For those of you that have self-carry available as an option...do your students also carry Benadryl / other antihistamine or only the Epinephrine?
  14. GetBackToClassRN

    Best Tips for Nurses - WIN $250! Nurses Week Contest 2018

    If you feel yourself getting burned out, seek out other nursing opportunities. Even if it means less pay, find somewhere that you can work and be happy.
  15. GetBackToClassRN

    Nurses Week Giveaways - WIN Up To $4,000! Nurses Week 2018

    I hope I don't find, a ripped out central line!
  16. GetBackToClassRN

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    "Dr. So-and-so, I told you that you needed a mask to take care of that patient on Droplet Precautions! Now look at you, coughing all over the nurses and other staff!!! Someone get masks, STAT!"