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  1. diggerdave

    UTA Summer 2018 Capstoners?

    Congrats Calinurse! I am in week 6 of 7 now. It's been an easy course so far. I've heard grading can vary quite a bit depending on which coach you get. The strangest thing about the course is the final capstone project doesn't seem to be a large part of the grade.
  2. Do you recall how they grade the shadow health assignments? It is not listed in the syllabus. After you complete a section you get a digital clinical performance percentage (like 100%) and also a student performance index (like 43.5/48). Which one is used for the actual grade and do they review the long form answers you type up after the assessment?
  3. Just finished vulnerable populations. I thought the workload of the class was really odd. You basically work on a really long project the first three weeks and then the last two weeks are really easy. I passed with a comfortable A. Quizzes are a little challenging because of the select all that apply questions. I am usually pretty quick with school work and I spent about this much time per week: 14 hours week 1 20 hours week 2 8 hours week 3 3 hours week 4 2 hours week 5 I am planning on taking assessment next. Any advice?
  4. diggerdave

    2017 CURRENT RN to BSN Online Students

    Anyone recently take legacy of the family? Would like to know how it compares to other classes as far as the workload goes.
  5. I have not taken any of the time sucker course listed above. I have completed health promotion and legal aspect. Neither of them were too difficult. If I had to choose, I would recommend using legal aspect to double up with management. Sounds like vaccine queen gave great advice that lines up with all the other threads I read.
  6. diggerdave

    Nursing Research UTA

    Can anyone who's recently finished this course share their experience? In a lot of posts from 3+ years ago it sounds like its the worst course in the program and full of group work. I tried to find out more information and it looks like the instructor may have changed or the class may be different now. Any input would be appreciated!
  7. I signed up last year and am currently in my first nursing core class right now. I believe acceptance in the program is very high. I felt they were pretty flexible in applying my past credits to my degree plan. I really didn't have any complaints about it.