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    CPNRE Result (Sept-Oct 2017)

    I wrote ny cpnre on 13th oct at calgary, alberta. I have recieved my results this morning and i passssedddd!!!! Alll glory to Allah!!! Best wishes guys! My friend who wrote on 14th oct, she also got her results and she passed too
  2. Hello, Today I am gonna share my complete experience with you from applying in NNAS till bridging to Canadian Nursing program at Mount Royal University. And I will also share some of my biggest mistakes which I made and resulted me so many disadvantages. Advice 1. When you apply for NNAS, mark in both types of Nursing, LPN and RN. And also mark in more than one province. Reason: To get an LPN license for BSCNs is much easier than RN license. And you can get an LPN job meanwhile working on your RN license. Same goes with province, some province are flexible and easy. CARNA is the worst Advise 2: If you are in Canada, try to give CELBAN, IELTS is just waste of time Advise 3: Make sure, your English scores, immunizations are valid before entering into Bridge to Canadian Nursing program Reason: Because you need to keep your English score valid through out the program. Once you get into prog, you dont have enough time to fullfill these requirements. Advise 4: Never ever try to attempt for SEC Reason: Because its useless, 101% is guaranteed failure rate. If you somehow manage to pass, they will still ask to do skills or few courses. For skills, they fail you in documentation . For courses, registration into courses is very time taking because they give priority to their full-time students and then failures and in the last, your turn will come. Advise 5: Please start your process from your homeland rather coming in Canada and then apply Reason: Thats how you can save your time. Advise 6: (For Albertans) In the meantime, you apply for nurses license, you can apply for Childcare worker license to begin with, Its easy to get and in ALberta, there are alot of jobs available. Its no cost license. Now the ball is in your court!!! Best of luck!!!! The story of my CELBAN and IELTS experience! As per my experience with both the tests, I would highly recommend CELBAN!!! Please go for CELBAN at any cost... If you dont find test dates in your city, go to another city to write this test. For nurses, i highly recommend this test! Also, just for your info, In homeland, I got 7.5 overall bands Then In canada, I got 6.5 overall bands with the same hardwork and effort. And multiple times, i attempted and the results were more or less same. Eventually, I wrote CELBAN exam and i cleared it on the first attempt...