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  1. Zyprexa

    Forcibly removing piercings in psych patients

    That's what I was thinking....
  2. Thank you for sharing!
  3. What about case management for psych patients?
  4. Zyprexa

    Why so many negative nurses in the field?

    Because nursing sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Zyprexa

    California Requires Gender Pronouns

    Welcome to California! Where misgendering someone is a crime but knowingly spreading HIV is perfectly legal!!!! *I have had many transgender patients as a psych nurse, and I have always respected what name/gender pronouns they prefer to be called by. In my nursing notes, I use gender neutral terms to refer to the patient (whether they are trans or not), such as "the patient requested and received Ativan 1mg PRN." However, unless they have legally changed their name/gender, I'll document according to the name/gender in the chart if I absolutely have to, as my nursing notes are part of a legal document. Hope this helps, I don't live in CA though, where enough snowflakes melt every day to fix the drought problem.
  6. Zyprexa

    Tired of jumping jobs, does anyone like her job?

    Following! How about research nursing, the OR, or a plastic surgery office? All areas I have been trying to break into but I guess I don't have sufficient experience.
  7. I did well in nursing school and enjoyed it, but I have no passion for being a nurse.
  8. Zyprexa

    I'm glad I have never rx'd xanax

    Sometimes benzos are the only thing that works for someone's uncontrolled anxiety. I don't like giving patients Xanax because it's fast acting and gives more of a "high" than other benzos, so I believe it is more abused.
  9. Zyprexa

    How has nursing changed you?

    1) I worry for my safety all the time. The patients I work with are all over the place, and many live near me. While most "actual psych patients" are not violent in my experience, the drug addicts we take care of are verbally and physically aggressive (with legal charges for assault/restraining orders). I'm constantly looking over my shoulder where ever I go, fearing I'll be attacked. I often dislike going out, because I'm afraid I'll encounter a former patient. I also call family members at random times to check up on them. 2) I've lost compassion for most people, I see the worst in people now, and yes, I too have lost faith in humanity. It's only when I'm NOT at work that I realize there is still good in this world. I've become a bitter, angry, ranting person. 3) I dislike small talk more than ever, and most of the time I don't even want to see people because work has drained me so much. I just want to lie around and watch Netflix all day. I don't like who nursing has made me, or rather...what I've become from being a nurse. Not someone I'd be proud of.
  10. Zyprexa

    research nurse practitioner vs biomedical engineer

    Sounds good to me!
  11. Next time I take CPR, I plan to sing "Staying Alive" while attempting to resuscitate, check for an organ donor card, and then stab the manikin while retrieving the precious heart.
  12. That was rude and unprofessional of her to make fun of you. You handled it very well. I think you will do well going forward. Unfortunately, not everyone is nice in healthcare, especially patients and their family members! Thick skin is important.
  13. Zyprexa

    What is your Nursing Super Power?

    I great with the psychotic/paranoid patients. Somehow, they trust me. And I love working with them.
  14. Zyprexa

    Can I be discriminated against for political beliefs?

    From reading these posts, I'd guess that a majority of nurses are liberal. Just an observation.
  15. Zyprexa

    Can I be discriminated against for political beliefs?

    I am conservative and a nurse, there has been no problem. During the election, patients would often make comments while watching the news, I usually nodded or changed the subject ("Would you like me to help you back into bed, Mrs. Jones?"). I don't talk about politics/religion/anything personal at work, and especially not with patients. I keep my (probably controversial) opinions to myself. The way I see it is, forcing your political or religious beliefs onto patients or coworkers, getting into heated disagreements, or anything like that would be a problem. Nurses are people, and they are allowed to have their own opinions on politics. ETA: I don't post ANYTHING political on FB, that's what anonymous things like Twitter and Reddit are for!!!
  16. A patient threatened to strangle me because he didn't get the opiates he asked the doctor for (patient was a heroin addict, already on Suboxone maintenance). We were calling security when the patient literally threw a chair at the nurses station window (which thankfully didn't break). We ran out because other patients weren't safe, and the patient tried to punch me in the face, screaming and cursing, banging on walls, trying to hit/kick. I have never seen such a terrifying face just inches from me. The patient apparently jumped out and used the chair as a diversion. Patient threatened to kill us, he said he was going to rip us apart and feed us to his dogs. Security arrived just then, and we put the patient in restraints/gave IMs. And no, the patient was not psychotic. Just an entitled addict who threw a fit whenever he didn't get his way. I saw him downtown a few months ago, he didn't see me but I was terrified.