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  1. C0SM0

    Dropped Pill - Do you give it?

    I'd give it. They've probably had dirtier things in their mouth before.
  2. C0SM0

    Getting a year of experience...

    I heard the same crap all throughout nursing school. I can't even count the times I heard "You will start off on a med-surg floor to gain some confidence before moving onto something else." If that was true, I would have dropped out of nursing school. I did two years of clinicals on a med-surg floor and HATED every minute of it. Now, that's not to take away from those that do work med-surg. It's typically a busy unit with a decent learning curve, it's just not for everyone. I went to nursing school because I wanted to work in the OR and I was fortunate enough to get a job there right out of school. Many hospitals have residency programs where you'll work on many units and then get to apply for what you want at the end of it.
  3. I'm probably going to be in the minority here, but this seems like a case where honesty is not the best policy. You said the school is working with the publisher to find out who bought test banks from a website. Common sense tells me there is absolutely no possible way to find out who got onto a website such as Test Mango and made purchases. Is a publisher really going to contact an "illegal" website and demand things such as names, address, email addresses, and other personal information of their customers? Probably not. And even if they did (and were successful in doing so) is that publisher going to turn around and give the personal information of thousands upon thousands of people to your school? Again, probably not. My advice is to keep your mouth shut and take this as a lesson learned.
  4. C0SM0

    NCLEX Predictor Benchmark

    When you say a 76%, does that mean you have to score a 76% on the actual test, or you have to score well enough to where Kaplan says you have a 76% chance of passing the NCLEX? At my school, we had to score a 60% on the Kaplan Predictor, which translates to about a 94% chance of passing the NCLEX. We have a few people in my class with a 4.0 throughout the entire program, and not even they scored as high as a 76% on the test itself.
  5. C0SM0

    Anyone applying for fall 2018?

    Yes. I plan on applying for The Bachelor in the fall of 2018. I hear it's tough to get on, but I think I've got a decent shot.
  6. C0SM0


    I have a total of seven nursing ebooks downloaded onto my iPad and it takes up less than 3GB.
  7. C0SM0

    Whaaat??Male Nursing Student

    Agreed, 100%. The ONLY issue I've had in nursing school was during my OB rotation. Even then, I only had one patient politely tell me they preferred a female nursing student. I've had the occasional "So you're going to be a male nurse?", which I kindly reply "No, I'm trained to take care of female patients as well."
  8. C0SM0


    I'm in my last semester of nursing school and all I heard about the first three semesters, from students and instructors, is that if I don't get a tech job first I'll have a hard time finding a nursing job. Well, I'm about seven weeks away from graduating and so far I'm the only one in my class who has been offered an RN job after graduating. Meanwhile, we've had several people take tech jobs that have failed out because they have no time to study. The point being, don't take a job in a hospital just because you think it'll help you land a job once you graduate. As far as hours worked, that'll vary between hospitals. Your best bet is to talk to a hospital recruiter/HR to find that out.
  9. C0SM0

    Will I Be a Bad Nurse?

    Just so I understand this correctly, you think you should drop out of your final year of nursing school because you forgot to turn on a bed alarm? Something tells me you're looking for us to tell you everything will be okay, that it happens to everyone, and if everyone dropped their career every time a mistake was made, no one would have a job. So, here it goes...Everything will be just fine, people make mistakes on a daily basis, some of which are much greater than forgetting to turn on a bed alarm, and if everyone dropped out of nursing school every time they made a mistake, there would be no nurses. Now, don't you feel better?
  10. C0SM0

    NCLEX Style Question

    To start off, this is NOT a homework assignment. I'm studying for an upcoming exam and our instructor gave us a study guide that included this question. There's some debate between my classmates and me so I wanted to get other peoples' unbiased opinion. The nurse is assessing the patient who is complaining of an early morning cough. It is most importantfor the nurse to ask which of the following questions? How many packs do you smoke each day, and for how long have you smoked?” Do you have pain when I apply pressure to your sinuses?” Do you work at a factory, chemical plant, coal mine, farm, or outdoors in heavy traffic?” Have you been exposed to anyone with an upper respiratory infection?” So, I like 2 as an answer due to possible sinusitis. To me, the key phrase here is "early morning cough". I feel like 3 and 4 would not strictly be an early morning cough. The only reason I don't like 1 (COPD?) is because that answer implies that the client is a smoker and the question says nothing about them being a smoker. Now, if that answer said something like "Do you smoke, and if so, for how long and how many packs a day", I'd be more inclined to pick that answer. I just think one would assess rather or not the patient smokes at all before asking them how often and how long they've smoked. Any other points of view are greatly appreciated!
  11. C0SM0

    Amniotic Fluid & Gestational diabetes

    This is not the site to come to if you want a bunch of people to do your homework for you.
  12. C0SM0

    Dosage question

    Nice job. Like someone else stated, there are going to be plenty of dosage calc questions you see with a lot of unnecessary information. You just need to make sure you know what the question is asking, which you do. The keyword here is "units" when asking how much to give. If it was asking how many mL to give, then you would need to actually do the math and come up with the answer of 0.17 mL.
  13. The Foley was probably the most difficult in my opinion because you're testing twice for one skill (male & female) so it makes things a little more difficult. I got lucky when I put in my first Foley in the clinical setting. It was in the OR so the patient wouldn't know it was a student or if I messed up on something.
  14. While I really don't have any useful tips I will say this: I'm in my 4th and final semester as a nursing student and I thought the skills lab checkoffs in first semester (Foley, sterile dressing change, suctioning, etc.) was hands down the most STRESSFUL part of nursing school. Nothing else even comes close. We literally could not make a single mistake or we failed and only had three attempts before we were kicked from the program. Just to clarify, it is the most stressful, not the most difficult. That honor goes to Pathophysiology. When I did my checkoffs I'd become extremely diaphoretic. Can you imagine trying to pull of a sterile procedure while sweating everywhere in the process?
  15. C0SM0

    Isoniazoid question

    Even if it does, you have a prescription for it so you have nothing to worry about.
  16. Wait until you lose an immediate family member who was an LEO to on-the-job gun violence before you tell me I'm overreacting. The statement was an extremely insensitive thing to say about the people who risk their lives on a daily basis to make sure you stay safe.