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    Wanting to go to mgmt career?

    Looking to take my career into another direction. 20 yrs. nurse, good clinical skills in variety areas. No, I'm not seeking NP, either. I recently have gotten a generic MSN, working on nursing education. Wondering if I should also go for mgmt. Nurse educators are needed, however, it seems as though everyone wants 2+ years of teaching experience. Anyone out there got some real life advice? Career trajectories for gaining a management role? I know it will take close to 3-5 years to move up into possible hospital mgmt. and/or LTC ADON/DON. I have tons of hospital experience. I'm even ready to move to LTC if the career prospects are there, and I work with geriatric folks most everyday. I was happy as staff for a very long time, raising kids, etc. Now, it is time for a change. Advice? Comment below