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  1. I’m finishing up term two! You go through the first 6 months before really knowing your clinical schedules, things about uniforms and labs ect. This information really isn’t talked about in depth until you start term 2! During your first lab you can wear whatever scrubs you have or if you don’t have any just buy really cheap ones! You won’t be sent an email with a link to buy your school scrubs until your in term 2. As far as clinicals and labs go everyone’s sample schedule is different because we all start at various times throughout the year and in different locations. You are completely at the hospitals mercy when it comes to clinicals. You are assigned a nurse to follow and you are on their specific schedule so if that nurse works weekend days nights spread out shifts back to back shift that’s what you will work! Wgu can not work around each students personal schedules and neither will the partner hospitals so you are expected to be there for labs and clinicals whenever their schedules even if given the schedule a day before. Most people use their vacation and pto for clinicals. Go follow the Facebook page above also I have an insta and YouTube videos that can help answer any questions you may have feel free to follow! Wgu_future_RN
  2. Maaranda13

    WGU Pre-Licensure- Dallas Summer 2017

    I'm in the feb 1st dallas cohort! My stats for Texas were a 3.6 GPA, ATI TEAS 78% previous bachelors degree in psychology We should connect it would be nice to know more people doing the same program! Follow me at wgu_future_rn on insta
  3. Maaranda13

    And now, I wait.

    Follow me on insta wgu_future_rn. I was in the Jan Houston cohort however I had to move to the dallas area so I'll be doing it there and I start feb 1st! I plan on moving back to Houston and living there after I graduate! Maybe we will be co workers someday. Add me as a friend so we can stay in touch and help one another on this journey! I'm so ready to start!
  4. Maaranda13

    A bit childish but...

    Congrats I'm so Happy for you! I'm in the same boat no one understands the accomplishment or excitement yes it's an online program but it's still hard to get into and we're gonna be busting our butts to pass our classes and the nclex. I just got accepted into the feb 1st dallas cohort! I'm beyond excited. I know we're not close but I want to move back to Houston when I graduate so maybe in 2 years we will be working at the same hospital lol! I have a nursing blog on insta that you can follow we can help each other and encourage on another through the program! Since it's all online it's harder to connect with others! It's wgu_future_rn!
  5. Maaranda13

    WGU November 2017 Dallas cohort

    I'm in the feb 1st cohort in dallas! I can't wait to get started either! Maybe we will run into each other one day! I have a blog on instagram if y'all want to follow it's called wgu_future_rn. I'm also thinking about making a group on Facebook for the dallas area so we can all help on another and ask questions or study together ect since everything is online!
  6. Maaranda13

    Pre-Licensure BSN - Sept 2017 Cohort

    I'm trying to get into the November start! I just got all my paper work in. Just waiting on one more transcript and then they will evaluate it!
  7. Do any of you physically known people who have attended this college in pearland and got jobs afterward or are working at hospitals? This is my only concern. I've been wanting to attend this school but this is the only thing holding me back.