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  1. yes I think that would be easier.. i think its crazy to have to wait to 900 seconds between posts and not being able to private message people. if you want please create a fb group and let me know what you named it, Ill search for it once its done.
  2. I tried to private message you but its not letting me because I am don't have a lot of posts. Are your from Dallas?
  3. Hey James I was also accepted to the NIP program! I am so excited! I can't wait unit August!
  4. anamelis

    Parkland Critical Care and Trauma Internship 2017

    Hey guys, so I am not sure if you have got any updates for the internship but I heard that they called people on Monday April 3 to offer them the job. Let me know if you got an offer. I still havent heard anything so it probably not good news for me.