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    Nursing as Second Career: ABSN Question

    Hi Pixie R.N., I appreciate your thoughts! Then bits about nursing that attracts me are that the human body is fascinating to me in how it operates, so I would be able to learn about that and see it first hand, the fact that I would be helping people (although I agree, not every day is a day where I will feel like I'm helping someone or saving their life every day. I don't expect good days every day or even partially good days every day), and a chance to be in an industry that is pretty flexible and stable when it comes to what you can do with your career and where you can go. I don't think I would "jump ship" if I couldn't get a job in nursing. The point is, I'd like to work in a industry that works towards helping people. I know the market is pretty saturated, I'm sure a lot of markets are! That's nothing new to me, coming from a business grad. I have not shadowed a CRNA, but I do know what they do. I think it's a great idea to shadow one to become more informed about their jobs. Lolis, I'm not looking to change industries to avoid emotional stress since I understand this will be found in every job. I just want to feel like my stress is worth it! I think it's great advice to work on stress aversion, regardless. What made you both attracted to and decide to get into nursing?